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Here are some items from the Otomate Party 2013 event!!! These are nice aroma candles with the Chibi version of the Amnesia boys on the glass candle holder ^___^ Hakuouki is all sold out with only Kazama available, all Amnesia boys are still there. Each aroma candle will be $23, I will leave this preorder open for a couple days. Let me know if you want one!!

Kazama Aroma Candle - Honey :
Shin Aroma Candle - Strawberry :          Ocha1
Ikki Aroma Candle - Rosemary oil :        Ocha1
Kent Aroma Candle - Eucalyptus :
Toma Aroma Candle - Sweet lemon :
Ukyo Aroma Candle - Lavender oil :       Ocha1
Beast Master and Prince - Vanilla :
Wand of Fortune - Rose :
Hiiro no Kakera 4 - Green Tea :
Glass Heart Princess - Rose oil :
LSG Aroma Candle - Sandalwood :

The coloring books are part of the event as well, they can be found at the links below. All are available except Saitou... He's sold out...

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duckie-chan, is it possible that i can ask for these again the next time you have it open?

Hi yoshi-chan, sorry, these are event limited only, the event is over so the sales are closed. I can't get these anymore...

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