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Seriously, the Japanese are actually anti-Eco...

C'mon, how much more inefficiently can they pack this box of multiplates?!?! Compared to the size of that Karakore box, these multiplate boxes took up a ton of space that I paid unnecessary high shipping for... What the heck SOL International?!?!


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*facepalm* they can be such trolls when it comes to packing =_=

I know!!! So non-economical... yet they make you recycle like crazy there, they're really strict about it!!!

(Deleted comment)
I know right? If I were the manufacturer, I'd either reduce the size of the box, or make the actual items bigger to fit into the box better LOL

that is so sad. I suppose they really wanted to show off the box art on the case? Like if a retailer put it out on display.

I agree though about shipping. I work in (boring) retail so I wonder "what are they thinking?!" from time to time when stuff is packed weird. Like a 1x1x2 foot box with a ton of air-pack plastic and just one 3x3 inch item. *face-palms*

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