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Yukimura buchou joined the ranks today~
Finally, I had some time to slack off a bit and reorganized my little display shelf today~  Yukimura is the final member to join the ranks I think... I don't have anymore space for anyone else LOL... unless it's Fuji and Tezuka LOL!!!

Figures Collection_1

The only figure that I sincerely regretted not buying when I was in Japan was the G.E.M Series figure of Rurouni Kenshin... Was getting ready to go home, so I was poor at the time LOL~  Himura Kenshin... My favorite fictional samurai... KENSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll buy you eventually Hitoriki Battousai <3


I changed out Katsura's hair in this one, and Okita's weapon LOL, and Gin-san's sword too~~
I love it when they have a variety of different stuff for each figure~

Figures Collection_2

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OKITA~ Is so cool with his weapon always aiming at Hijikata LOL

YES, I have seen Atobe-sama... I'm kinda poor right now, and I'm running out of room!!! I can't believe they're releasing one of him... I'm really debating whether or not I should get him, cuz I need to save some money right now for the things I've already pre-ordered T____T

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