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Based on the novel High Speed!, this new anime, renamed to "Free!", is about these boys forming a swim team at their high school to compete with a former friend who went to a different school. It's so freaking funny!! I love these boys and their girlie names so much, imma sell merchandise for them ^___^ Please click on the cuts below to see the item details and pictures, and reserve if you want to!!

These colorful collection mascots are scheduled for release in the Winter of 2013, not sure exactly the dates, but sometime at the end of the year!! There are two styles for each boys. One is the swimsuit version, the other is a school uniform version!! Dunno what they look like yet but I'm sure they will be awfully cute ^______^ I'm listing them for $13/piece, so make your reservations! Since they come in a set of 10, if I get more than 7 characters reserved, then I will buy a set =) I can order many sets if enough people are interested. So make a comment and I'll let you know if your place is secured!!
Reservation List                                    BOX 1                               BOX 2
Haruka swimsuit karakore :                   blacknightsky                    aoife_power
Makoto swimsuit karakore :                   blacknightsky                    azalifinrandi
Rin swimsuit karakore :                         blacknightsky                    aoife_power
Nagisa swimsuit karakore :
Rei swimsuit karakore :
Haruka uniform karakore :                     absolutehymn
Makoto uniform karakore :                     azalifinrandi                      absolutehymn
Rin uniform karakore :                         
Nagisa uniform karakore :                      aoife_power
Rei uniform karakore :                           azalifinrandi

These rubber straps are scheduled for release in late September, so I would get them in late October if I buy. They will be $13 a piece. This is a set of 6, so if at least 4 are reserved then I will get a set =)
Reservation List
Haruka rubber strap :
Makoto rubber strap :
Rin rubber strap :
Nagisa rubber strap :
Rei rubber strap :
Iwatobi-chan rubber strap :

This is a super cute earphone jack rubber straps collection!! The boys are in either their school uniform or swimming suits and jackets LOL they look more chubby than fit in these SD forms!!! These are $13/piece. Schedule to be released in late September as well, so they will be available at the end of October. This is a set of 10, so if at least 6 are reserved then I will get a set! Make your reservations early, there's a deadline to preorder these.
Reservation List
Haruka school uniform strap :
Makoto school uniform strap :
Rin school uniform strap :
Nagisa school uniform strap :
Rei school uniform strap :
Haruka swimsuit strap :
Makoto swimsuit strap :
Rin swimsuit strap :
Nagisa swimsuit strap :
Rei swimsuit strap :

These are really nice sets of bromides with zinc alloy necklaces with a fish symbol pendant for each character, and a jewel on each of their heads ^_____^ The chain and pendant together are 55cm long, to wear around your neck. They are scheduled to be released on August 29th, but most likely they won't be coming to me until October if I do buy. These are sold individually, so I can buy as many as people request!! Since these are special item sets, they will be $30/set. Please make sure you are serious about buying if you choose to get these!!
Reservation List
A. Haruka bromide & dolphin pendant :  akidemi
B. Makoto bromide & whale pendant :
C. Rin bromide & shark pendant :
D. Nagisa bromide & penguin pendant :
E. Rei bromide & butterfly pendant :

These are fastener accessories with the boys in school uniform and their school emblem. They are scheduled for release in August, so I will possibly receive in September if I get these. They are sold individually, so I can buy as requested. They will be $13 each. Let me know if you want any!!

Reservation List
A. Haruka emblem fastener : absolutehymn
B. Makoto emblem fastener : absolutehymn, azalifinrandi
C. Rin emblem fastener :
D. Nagisa emblem fastener :
E. Rei emblem fastener : azalifinrandi

There are loads of FREE! merchandise, but I'm just listing these for now. If there are certain items that you're interested in that I have not posted, then feel free to message me the item name or link me a photo and I'll search and tell you the price. If you agree and it's convenient for me to get them, then I'll be happy to get them for you =)

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I hate you.....lmao not really. But I am interested definitely. The fasteners look great, I'd like Rei's. And Hymn mentioned being interested in Haru and Makoto's. If you get a second set for those, I'd like Makoto's on that one. Ahhhh why you do this to me?!

LOL you don't wanna hate me, I've got a karaoke video LOL, just kidding! I'll send it to you guys later sometime~

Anyways, you and Hymn want the emblem fasteners right? Not the rubber straps right? The emblem fasteners are sold individually, so if you want Makoto also, I can get both you and Hymn a Makoto =)

;A; swimsuit Haruka, swimsuit Makoto, swimsuit Rin karakore please!! LOL And those fasteners are so pretty; I didn't know that they were making those.

Also, for those straps with the swimsuit and uniform, doesn't it also come with an 11th one in the set with Haruka in an apron? I remember seeing it on the post on that tumblr page I'd showed you.

Okie dokie, I'll put you down for those three karakore. For now, nobody has expressed interest, so I'll let you know if I do get a box =)

Yeah, if I do order a full box of the straps then there is a box version of Haruka in an apron. Right now nobody wants any yet, so I don't know if I'll even get a box to sell... If I end up getting only one box, then I'm not going to sell the apron Haruka strap =)

Can I ask what is a : karakore ? ~

Karakore is short for Colorful Collection, they are solid PVC plastic figurines that look like these:

They are super cute!!! And have a little fastener that you can put onto your keychains, cell phones or bags~

Do you like Free! The anime? It's really funny, you should watch it!

Haru Swimsuit maskot kawaii!!! b...but no.. no momo you don't! no money till after christmas no new preorders no no T____T

He sure is cute isn't he =)

Is there still time to be put down for the reservation? I'd really like a Makoto swimsuit version.

If you're asking about the Makoto Swimsuit Karakore then he is already claimed in both boxes, his uniform and his swimsuit version... Makoto is popular =P

Hi linna-chan~~ i have entered into the dark world of Free! too hehe xD

i would like the necklace of haru's if you don't mind~~^^ but may i know how big is the necklace? and is it ok if i pay for it in around 28th oct? if it comes earlier then that, maybe you could hold it for me too? >_<" Sorry for bombing you with so much questions QwQ"

Edited at 2013-08-29 03:07 pm (UTC)

Hi akidemi, you're a bit late for this time around. I've already made all the orders I want for September. I won't be ordering anything else until October. If you want to wait until October, if the dolphin pendant is still available at that time, I will buy one for you okay?

(Screened comment)

Rin Swimsuit karakore

Hi! :] Can you put me down for the Rin in his swimsuit karakore instead of the uniform?

Thank you!!

Re: Rin Swimsuit karakore

Sure thing! I switched ya =)

I want makato emblen really want

Please look at my sales page and see what Makoto things I have left.

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