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The Ultimate Hard Japanese Worker... Eating XD

Though azalifinrandi escaped the wrath, absolutehymn007 and feihu sold their souls to the devil yesterday... It was fun... The devil says people should come visit more often, more souls are needed LOL


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My sooooooouuuuuuuuul T________T /reaches for it frantically

Regardless, I would be happy to visit any time I'm in the neck of the neighborhood. Thanks for the most fantastic of times again! <3 So much fun!

Glad you had a fun time =) I'll send you guys the video soon... or maybe I should just upload it here... BWAHAHAHAHA

Ahahahahaha the video... my voice sounds so deep lol OTL
But awesome to have memories of karaoke now!

I'm just rolling around in laughter at the comments below from feihu and azalifinrandi.
We see through your devilish game, yet we are totally stuck in the trap haha. Our souls are totally all gone now ahhhhhhh...!

Also, watched one episode of Free! yesterday. I really liked it :)

Hehehehe yes, it is a nice memory to have isn't it? It's not everyday you three could hang out like that right? Share it with your other LJ friends if you want, I won't post it anywhere...maybe LOL

Keep watching!!! Episode three is hilarious!!! Can't wait for more!!!

Us three and you too! :D <3 Ahahaha, silly silly.

I totally ROFL'd when Rei belly flopped into the pool. I wasn't quite ready for that lol.
My favorite for sure is Makoto. =) He totally reminds me of Kiyoshi from KuroBasu.
And the little boy hyper happy character, Nagisa, doesn't actually annoy me. How unusual!
I really like Free!

Starting on Episode 2 of Brothers Conflict now. I totally dislike the main character and Juli omg. And was loling at Suwabe's flirty monk character. I'll let you know how my favorites change when I get a better feel for them.

I feel like now I will never be able to deny another sales post because you have that video. lol *reaches longingly toward soul*

LOL, of course you can deny, it's a free world! I just can't promise where this video will end up LOL ^__________________^

OTL T_____________________T

Wait...I escaped the wrath??? Living on ramen noodles and crackers because I have no money after you update your sales page is escaping the wrath??

Even if I wanted to I cannot deny sales pages anyways. You drive a hard bargain. T_T *sobs, wibbles "I can't believe you'd blackmail me I thought you were so sweet"*

LOL awwww, poor you, how was the ride home Everything okay?

Of course you can deny hehehehe, I'm not stopping you!!! LOL, I needed leverage >______________

The ride home was fine. I kept dozing off. All of the excitement made me really tired the last couple days. But I took a nap when I came home from school today and I think I got it all out of my system.

Pffft you don't HAVE to stop me!! All you have to do is say "Hey I have Shiraishi things you might like." or "Got something with Hyuuga!!" or "These Gintama items are so cute!!" and now that stupid Free! is out, and you KNOW I like it, you just tell me when you have items and you've got me. I'm in too deep =_= so your leverage is not required. Lmao.

LOL I see, well, I won't temp you with too many things!! Wait... you've never bought any Gintama stuff from me... KEKEKEKEKE should I start selling more Gintama goods?

Hehehe, it's good that you got it out of your system, sounds like you guys had a fun time! It was nice meeting you, good luck with school again =)

>> What is 'too many things' in your book?? XDDDD You already know most of the fandoms that I'm in, AND my favorites in them....I havent?! Wow I could have sworn I did....Wait I was thinking about my Kent figure from Amnesia...damn now I must remedy the lack of Gintama items...Noooooo if you do then I'll never be able to get out of debt with you!! *already can't*

We had a blast, I'm so glad they were able to come hang out. And you as well!! I was like 'I have a face to the person that takes all of my money now!!" Thank you thank you, I will keep doing my best in school. ^^

You're smart, you'll do awesome in school ^___^ Then you'll graduate, get a super good job and help me buy all these things I have unsold LOL

You've put a face to the devil... shoot, I should've worn a mask LOL

How do you know I'm smart?? LOL!!! That's my driving force isn't it?? To buy all of the things from you. If I get a super good job I will dedicate a considerable chunk to you. XDDDD

BAHAHAH You should have!! Then when I have nightmares about you blackmailing me I'd have seen the mask instead of the face. Your face is too nice to believe that you contain an unfathomable darkness >>

Well, you gotta be pretty intelligent to study what you're studying, so it's a reasonable deduction hehehehe, but I can tell from just talking to you =) Yes, your mission is to get a really high paying job with your awesome degree, and then donate to my sales LOL

Well, maybe a nice devil will be less scary, wouldn't want to scare you away from my sales... I'd be closing shop if I scare people away hehehe

Oh yea I did tell you what I was going to school for, lol!! Well thanks for thinking I'm smart. XD I will do what I can to make that mission a success. *dies*

A nice devil...I think that fits you perfectly. The only way you'd get me away from your sales is by making me leave yourself. Lol so we're good there.

I'd say I'm a pretty nice devil! I could've tightened those three Obi's really tight you know? LOL

You are a pretty nice devil. LMAO!! Omg duckie!!! *dies* You're terrible!! >

I am terrible, I am LOL

wow! i love the yukatas. very colorful. are you the one in the center? i have a yukata as well. i won't wear it when i move next year.

Thank you, it was fun wearing them to go have dinner and karaoke =)

No, I'm not the one in the center, keep guessing LOL

ah. i see. are you wearing the blue yukata with the pink sakura?

Nope!! LOL, guess again~

ok. one more time. you are wearing the black yukata and you have the short hair?

ha ha ha. should have known. it looks great on you. maybe one day, i can join the party as well. i'll even wear my yukata along with you.

Yayayayayay! What a wonderful picture! Mm, their souls do indeed look tasty! :)

Glad you all had fun!

Hehehe we got a good deal at the sushi restaurant! Got a nice Japanese style room for free, and then lots of other discounts because the waitress messed up our order and all...

It would have been nice if you could've joined us!! You could've heard them sing LOL

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