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Wooohooo!! I just paid for all of the KuroBasu One Coins collection 1 today, and they've posted the sales for KuroBasu One Coins collection TWO!!!! Since they're up, might as well post preorders~~ Again, each figure will be $14! These are going to be released in late December, so they won't come to me until January if I order. That means you'll have plenty of time to save up for them LOL ~ Let me know if you are interested ^___^


Reservation List                                 Box 1                          Box 2
Tetsuya Kuroko school uniform :         babysyusuke
Kagami Taiga school uniform :            deadmans_q
Shun Izuki :                                        absolutehymn
Teppei Kiyoshi :                                 absolutehymn
Riko Aida :
Yukio Kasamatsu :                            anjichan
Shoichi Imayoshi :                             absolutehymn
Satsuki Momoi :
Tatsuya Himura :                               absolutehymn               (ocha1)

This is totally random... hehehe I love Gintama, but sometimes it is too much to handle LOL
This is completely WRONG, but totally HILARIOUS!!!!

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And Izuki and Kiyoshi please <3

LOL, I knew you wanted slinky man! Sure, I'll put those three down for you~

Out of all of the one coins, Imayoshi looks the best... possibly because his eyes aren't open LOL. He's so cute.

/is predictable

Hi hymn, your slinky man, plus Himura, Izuki and Kiyoshi are here ^___^ Let me know when you can send payment for those~

I just sent payment for the stick posters and music karakore and Free! accessories today (wanted to make sure that the weather was good for the postal service)

I just lol'd because I was reading translations of the KuroBasu CD dramas for the last hour and trying to find all of the ones Imayoshi was in first. Love my slinky man!

Would you like me to do the $56 for the one coins first or the $40.50 for the Fall MCFs and N5 and N7? My next paydate is two weeks away and it won't be really much of anything because of winter break =.= but I will see what I can do.

Those are just too cute! I would like Kagami, please.

Sure! I'll put you down for Kagami =)

Hiya! Your Kagami figure is here! Let me know if you want anything else ^___^

Man Hymn took all the good ones. XDDDD She told me about this post so I came to look. BUT NOW I AM JUST DYING AT GINTOKI WTF?! Those are one of those breast mousepads aren't they??

Omfg Gintama slays me. I don't know how people manage without this show in their life.

There are still some good ones left!!! You should get Riko to go with Hyuuga hehehe

Oh yeah, that Gintoki mousepad cracked me up so much!!! Must be the perverted version for the fans of the cross dressing bar LOL Yeah, one of those big breast mousepads for the otaku men who likes them =P

Edited at 2013-07-27 05:24 am (UTC)

If anyone was going to go with Hyuuga it was going to be Kiyoshi. XDD I love his relentless teasing of Hyuuga. Riko would kill him with her cooking >>

I'm still laughing about it omg....LMAO I never understood how people could get those but these ones are good for a laugh at least. XDDDD. Gintoki's breasts were so obnoxious in that episode....

Hey Duckie! May I be put down for Shun Izuki and Yukio Kasamatsu ONECOINs if they are still available? Thank you!

I already have set3 on order, but I really wanted Izuki and Yukio from set2 ^^

Edit: Gah! Sorry about scattering comments all over the place~ but I was also wondering if you still had a Nagisa bromide & penguin pendant available? If it is could I add Nagisa to my current order? Thanks

Edited at 2013-10-24 01:18 pm (UTC)

Heyhey, I thought I replied to you, but looks like I haven't =P Izuki isn't available, there isn't enough request to warrant a third box... but Kasamatsu is, I'll put you down for Kasamatsu k?

Ah, since nobody asked for the "Nagisa bromide and penguin pendant", I didn't buy it. But, if you want the set, I can still purchase a set for you, since it's still available. Let me know soon!

Yes please, I would still like Kasamatsu and the Nagisa pendant set is for my sis so if its not to much trouble? Thank you~

anjichan~ Your Kasamatsu figure is here!!! I bought a second set to sell also, so if you still want Izuki, he's available for you too =) I've put your name down to save the spot, if you already got him somewhere else then no problem!

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