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This anime is freaking hilarious!!!!

Haruka-chan... LOL all of his swimsuits look alike!!! And Rei-chan, he killed me with that butterfly swimsuit !(◎_◎;) I can't wait to see more next week!!!


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Mmmm.... Makoto's back... <3
Haru in the last pic looks like he's ready to strip again lololol.

There are also no words for Rei... XD

Makoto's chosen swimsuit in that one looks like a ballerina's outfit without the tutu band LOL!!!! Haruka ALWAYS looks like he wants to strip LOL
And Rei, he flaps his arms and legs but he moves nowhere LOL, worse than me when I was learning how to swim LOL

Ah, I have bad news for you... Makoto's fastener is sold out 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 Do you want any other ones instead?

Ahahaha that is very true. I just like his backside muscles >____>
Between how he takes his shirt off and his hair swish, I don't doubt his inner stripper.

I know, right? I can swim in a direction but I can't tread water.

*cries inside*

Leave me for the Haru fastener and add me for Haruka uniform karakore and the Makoto uniform karakore if you get a second set. If the Makoto fastener comes back, I'd want it for sure!

Okay sure, that's no problem, I'll put you down for Haruka and tentatively Makoto! Most definitely, if Makoto's fastener comes back, I'll get it for you and Azi!

Ah fudge!!!! Haruka is sold out too... 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I can't even tell you how hard I was laughing in this episode. My baby was trying so hard and just couldn't do it. I was rooting for him between laughter because omfg....Rei is too special.

And Makoto why you so gorgeous?! I'm scared of what episode 5 is going to do to him, since they're going to an island and the ocean and stuff *holds Makoto tightly*

>> Hey not everyone can flaunt butterflies, I give Rei props. XDDDDDDDDD

LOL I was actually like that too when I first learned to swim. I still can't swim far, but I can float on my back, I don't sink like Rei LOL!!!

Ep 5 will be interesting! I feel they will somehow have really unexpected scenes that just blow you away haha

At least you can float then!! Lol Rei is special like that. I'm actually the opposite. I can't sink to save my life =_= . We once had a test in school where we had to keep afloat as long as possible. I didn't even kick my legs or arms or anything and I was still floating.

I think where will be a lot of unexpected scenes. I'm just curious if they're going to go over Makoto's fear of the ocean. ><

Yeah I liked Makoto's pic too, but it seemed weird during the episode just for the fact that it wasn't weird. Lol this show is warping my perceptions.

and omg the ending animation with them all dancing made me absolutely die of fangirling.

Hehehehe these are a funny bunch, and they take their clothes off so often that it's hard not to fangirl right? LOL

:x well... i kinda like 'em better with their clothes on...
It's so funny when Gou fangirls over them though xD

I'm pretty sure Haru's my favorite, when I'm being silly I'm kind of like that... quietly impulsive and five of the same thing... lol. I'd date Makoto though. But I love them all... I want to see more of the guys at Rin's school.

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