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This is the upcoming ANIKUJI series going to be released this summer =)  The boys are in summer yukatas!  Artwork for this series is leaning towards manga sketches more than anime illustrations~  Nonetheless, the art is still nice!  Anybody interested?

A Prize : Cushion - Shiraishi and Ryoma
B Prize : Noren - Ryoma/Atobe/Yukimura/Shiraishi
C Prize : Wind Chimes - Ryoma/Fuji/Shiraishi/Kenya or Atobe/Oshitari/Yukimura/Niou
D Prize : Mini Wall Scrolls - Atobe or Yukimura
E Prize : Mini Towels - Fuji, Oshitari, Niou or Kenya
F Prize : Clear Posters - Ryoma/Fuji, Atobe/Oshitari, Yukimura/Niou, or Shiraishi/Kenya
Last Anikuji (The absolutely most difficult) - Cushion with all 8 boys!!!


Shinpuri anikuji_A
Shinpuri anikuji_B
Shinpuri anikuji_CShinpuri anikuji_D
Shinpuri anikuji_E
Shinpuri anikuji_FShinpuri anikuji_Last

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I am ! But what are the prices for :

F Prize : Clear Posters - Ryoma/Fuji
A Prize : Cushion - Shiraishi and Ryoma

:) ?

I don't know if I can even hit those items, the cushions are the most difficult to get. Probably about the same prize as your other Ryoma/Yukimura cushion =)

Okay forget the cushion it's too expensive >__< Q^Q
And the price of the poster.. ?

I dunno, depends on how much it costs to ship since the posters are usually oversize, size A3 =)

But...but Shiraishi look s so good!! T_T

Yah he does hehehe, with his fan hehe

Uhhhg I bet those are going to cost an arm and a leg huh? XDD

If I do buy these, the cost really depends on what I end up hitting hehehe... I really want those two wind chimes, and the clear posters are beautiful too!!! The posters are always size A3, so they cost extra to ship to me, likewise the cushion... Kenya looks like he's ready to give up an arm LOL

Yea the two wind chimes look super nice. And omg don't get me started on the clear posters. XDD Uh...for the people that don't know what that means, what is A3?? Kenya don't tempt me.

Let's see, size A3 is about 30cm by 42cm, so that's about 12" x 16.5", pretty big!!! Oh yeah, you didn't come to my house, Hymn and Feihu saw the KuroBasu A3 clear posters~

Wow!! That is pretty big!! T_T No I didn't get to go to your house. Stupid school... XDDD I bet that was torture for Hymn.

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