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TWO ANIKUJI'S IN ONE MONTH, THEY'RE GONNA MAKE ME GO BANKRUPT!!!!  Karneval Anikuji will start on August 8th!!!  Below are the items available... I WANT EVERYTHING... I think this is the first time I might be spending more on something else rather than TeniPuri LOL hehehe... I really really really want those mug cups and clear file sets!!!!  If I get extras, anyone interested?

A Prize :  Nyanperona Plush Toy (50cm!!! That'll be ridiculous to ship if I hit)
B Prize :  Sexy Gareki Tapestry
C Prize :  Mug Cups : C1 - Gareki/Nai, C2 - Yogi/Hirato
D Prize :  Can Badge Sets : D1 - Yogi/Tsukumo, D2 - Hirato/Eva,
                                            D3 - Tsukitachi/Akari, D4 - Jiki/Kichi
E Prize :  Clear File Sets : various combinations (see bigger photos)
F Prize :  Postcard Sets : various combinations (see bigger photos)
Last Anikuji :  Gareki Then and Now

karneval anikuji

karneval anikuji_A
karneval anikuji_B
karneval anikuji_C
karneval anikuji_D
karneval anikuji_Ekarneval anikuji_F
karneval anikuji_Last

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ommmgggg; I really like the MUGS . I WANT ONE. TOUCHES*

I know me too!! I collect mugs and glasses, so I really need these for my collection LOL

These Anikuji are horrible; they have such nice stuff that's hard to get ;n; But, omg that Gareki tapestry!!! It's because of things like this that makes it hard to believe that the guy is only suppose to be 15! The Then and Now makes me sad though and want to wrap them both up in a hug ;; And those mugs are adorable as well omg

LOL yes, isn't it amazing how 15 yr-olds look overthere? *Smirk* (They don't really, I've taught at a school there LOL) But actually, once they hit puberty and go into their 18-19's, they really do look sexy like that, the sporty ones LOL, so bad coming from a former teacher right? XD

Then I guess puberty hit Gareki early or something. But he is from an anime and of course he has to be sexy for the fans. lol But yes, that does sound bad coming from a former teacher, but because I know you, you don't mean any harm by them. :D

Hm... A little late but if you did get any extra of the B Prize :Sexy Gareki Tapestry

I'm interested.

Do you still want the Sexy Gareki Tapestry?

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