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The KuroBasu boys joined my other one coins today!  Ah, but there's no more room... I will need to move the melamine cups to the bookshelf if I want to have room for the second Hakuouki One Coins and the second KuroBasu One Coins!!!  Anyways, they are really cute hehehe, and actually really easy to stand cuz they don't fall over!!!

New figures_1

figures cabinet_6
figures cabinet_7
figures cabinet_8
figures cabinet_9


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Your collection is the most hmmm... full? So many colors and neatly organized!
The KuroBasu one coins don't look nearly as spacey (I'm talking about their eyes) in real life than they did in the art.

I'm going to have to hold off on the KuroBasu one coins and posters for at least another month so I can make some money back again. Definitely excited to have them soon (and my stick poster folder just arrived the other day - yay storage!)

Hehehe they are pretty cute~~ Hah! The eyes don't look too far apart, and remember how you said you had a really hard time with some of the Tenipuri one coins to keep them standing? Well these guys stand really easily!!! I've not had that problem, but still, they stand really well =P

I see I see, yeah you paid quite a bit last time so next month is fine =) Ah, when do you want to get the rest of the pins and canbadges? Before the one coins and the posters?

And congrats on your stick poster file!!! LOL, now you gotta get more posters to fill it up hahaha

There is a prince of tennis one coin attack on the top xD So cute ♥

Hehehe thanks, they are very cute ^____^

I'm so in love!!!! Your collection is amazing~ I am so jealous! I love how tidy and well organised it looks- I may have to steal your way of displaying XDD !!

LOL thank you! The original cabinet had only three glass shelves. I had measure the size, go to a glass store, cut 2 more pieces of glass, and drilled more holes into the cabinet to fit two more shelves in!!! LOL it was quite a process. Now that's filling up too! I tried to squeeze them together as much as possible already, if I squeeze anymore, it will no longer be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes hahaha...

I hope you'll be able to get a cabinet or something for your stuff too, it's just very convenient, and they don't get dusty!!!

It looks great! I have a double glass cabinet for my collections, but I am so bad at organising it to fit as much as I can on the shelves (and make it tidy looking like yours!) OTL

It is my Ao no Exorcist and Inuyasha figures that take most of the room up, but KuroBasu and Natsume also need loving attention now I am collecting from both fandoms

Oh wow, that's even better than mine hehehe... ah yes, my big 1/8 and 1/10 scale figures have since been moved to the outside shelves, can be seen in the post two weeks ago~ They take up way too much room!!! Maybe your Ao no Exorcist and Inuyasha figures need to migrate also LOL

I like Natsume, but there are too many things as well hahaha, so I have refrained from getting into that fandom~

I have already done a cut back of my IY collection so it just needs to be moved or reorganised, but I can't wait to make room for my KuroBasu figures!

Yep! Natsume is always getting new shiny figures or Nyanko-sensei plushies OTL I am afraid I cannot resist the cuteness of Nyanko ^^;;

I KNOW T____T Nyanko-sensei is so cute~~~~~ It's so hard to not buy up everything because he's cute in all of the figure sets... and with me, I have this obsession with collecting full sets of stuff... so I decided that I shouldn't start and just keep away LOL

There was this one set of porcelain or ceramic figures/straps, they were so cute and I wanted to get them so badly, but I really held back... and then there was the Nyanko-sensei bowl and some glassware, LOL, all within my collection realm, but I held back also!!! I settle to just clear files LOL

It's just so much money, this addicting collecting hobby... I spent so so so much money in July, buying a bunch of stuff and paying for shipping... and I didn't sell anything much because of my 3 weeks hiatus, so I'm actually set back by A LOT... OTL fail... I need to find more places to advertise my sales LOL

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