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Next one is Tezuka Buchou!!!  Ah... shelf... space... none... SQUEEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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TEZUKAAAAA!! He's so pretty~~ Good luck finding room for buchou and his pretty legs. XD

LOL yes, buchou does have quite beautiful legs!!! Buchou is like Shiraishi, he's not flapping his jersey jacket or swinging his racket out, so I actually think he will fit in nicely~~ I am already in love with this figure even though there's no color and you can't really see his facial expression yet T__________T

Figure 4 will be Shiraishi, and 5 will be Yukimura. I wonder what they look like!!!

I love him, too~ It looks very well-done! Of course, it's hard not to love Tezuka. :3

I wonder if Yukimura will have his jacket flapping over his shoulders? I don't know how feasible that is, but it seems appropriate. This series is really beautiful so far. *_*

Yeah I know!! And Tezuka buchou hasn't gotten much love lately from the collectibles industry, so I'm really glad they're making one of him!!!

Haha, well the flapping jersey is Yukimura-buchou's signature look, as well as Shiraishi-buchou's bandaged hand up near his chin LOL... If they do end up looking like the Sega figures that I already have, I think I will pass on these even if these would probably look much better =P

Edited at 2013-08-01 05:19 am (UTC)

Maybe next one is Kite.. ? Because they did all the captains :o

No, the next one is Shiraishi, and the 5th figure will be Yukimura =)

Really ? The Yukimura and Shiraishi figure aren't from this collection ? °^°

Huh? What is your question? I'm not understanding...

These are the ones that will be available:

Figure 1 - September '13 - Ryoma
Figure 2 - November '13 - Atobe
Figure 3 - January '14 - Tezuka
Figure 4 - TBD - Shiraishi
Figure 5 - TBD - Yukimura

Well you know, a Yukimura and Shiraishi figure are already realised :o (you're selling them) , I thought these two figure came from the same 'collection' as the Atobe and Tezuka figure which are going to be realised :o

I see *^*

Oh I see~ Nono, those are from Sega.

These are ARTFX J from Kotobukiya, same maker as the One Coins. So this is a different line of product. The Kotobukiya figures are very expensive usually =P

I see ! °^°
Yes I saw that... xD 7100 yens for 1 figure Q^Q

(Deleted comment)
Well buchou's slim enough that he will fit well I think hehehehe, that round stand should be about a 4" diameter at most! Can't wait to be able to get him ^_____^

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