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Here are some upcoming items or restock items that I can order as requested~  Feel free to comment and list exactly what you want~  Some are limited stock.  That means I will put down the request in the order it was received.  By the time I close the preorder, if an item runs low on stock, I will fill the request according to a first come first served basis~  Hope that makes sense LOL~  As always, please be completely serious if you decide to reserve anything!!!


First are the KUROBAS CUP2013 event items only:  KuroBas Cup2013 Chibi Can Badges
These BIG can badges have super duper cute chibi artwork, exclusive to this event!!!  KUROKO is SOOOO cute holding NiGo and looking up at who knows what LOL!!  And HYUUGA!!!!!!!  He sure is enjoying his bath!!!  Kise and Kagami are fighting, LOL figures!!!  They are 7.5cm or 3" in diameter, big ones~~~  Released at the end of August, so most likely come by the end of September~  They are sold individually so request as many characters as you like!  It'll be $13 per badge~


Reservation List
Kuroko & NiGo Cup2013 CCB  :            ocha1
Kise & Kagami Cup2013 CCB  :            ocha1
Hyuuga & Seirin Cup2013 CCB  :
Midorima & Takao Cup2013 CCB  :
Aomine & Momoi Cup2013 CCB  :         ocha1

kurobasu cup2013 canbadge_1kurobasu cup2013 canbadge_2kurobasu cup2013 canbadge_3kurobasu cup2013 canbadge_4kurobasu cup2013 canbadge_5

Next are the Summer Mini Clear Files collection!!!  As always, the mini clear files will be $7.50 each.  I've ordered two boxes already, so make your reservations~  I don't intend to order more unless there's a high demand =P


Reservation List                           Box 1                       Box 2
Kuroko Summer MCF  :
Kagami Summer MCF  :               anjichan
Kise Summer MCF  :                    absolutehymn           c2422
Kasamasu Summer MCF  :
Midorima Summer MCF  :             absolutehymn
Takao Summer MCF  :                 absolutehymn

Kurobasu mini CF collection 2


This is the 2014 Karneval Ring Calendar, due to be released on August 29th!!!  Won't be available until September if I order~  It is of size A4 (same size as the clear files) that opens up to an A3 calendar (same size as the clear portraits).  There are a total of 7 images~   About $32 each~  If you want one, let me know =)

Karneval 2014 Ring Calendar  :
Karneval calendar

Next is the Karneval Mug Cup!  Made of solid, thick, high quality ceramic, just like the other mug cups I've sold before ^___^  The design includes Hitsuji, Usagi and Nyanperona!!!  It'll be $40/mug cup~  If you want the version with a tin can of tea as well, that'll be $50~

Reservation List
Karneval Mug Cup  :
Karneval Mug Cup & Tea Can  :

Karneval mug cup_0


First is the Amnesia Trump Card Keyholder that I have listed before!!!  Originally released in May of 2012, they are restocking these, but in limited amounts, so let me know if you want one and I will put down the request in the order it is recevied~~  I will reduce the price of my listing, and make them available for $18/keyholder ^___^  Let me know if you want one!!

Reservation List
Shin Hearts Keyholder  :
Ikki Spades Keyholder  :
Toma Diamonds Keyholder  :
Kent Clubs Keyholder  :
Ukyo Jocker Keyholder  :
amnesia card keyholder

Finally, the Amnesia Chibi Mug Cups are made available again!!!  There are only 3 available, so if you want one then let me know!!!  I'm putting up the pictures from the ones I've sold before!!  They are again, thick, heavy solid, high qualilty ceramic!!!  $40 per mug~~  First come first served!!

Amnesia Chibi Mug Cup  :

Amnesia - chibi mugAmnesia - chibi mug_4
Amnesia - chibi mug_3Amnesia - chibi mug_2

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I know for sure I'd want the Kise and Midorima and Takao ones... do you think they'll come out with another set for some of the other characters?

Ones of what Hymnster?! σ(^_^;) Do you mean the MCF's? Yup, there's going to be an autumn version as well, though I don't know the line up yet (^_^)v

Ahaha, oops, i meant the MCFs. OKay, I'll keep a look out for the autumn versions. I'm going to be hoping for a good one of Imayoshi and/or Aomine along with the usual Kise and Midorima. :D

Hehehe okay, will let you know as soon as I find out about the lineup for the autumn set!!

Linna-chan, I would like to have Kise mini clear file :D.
Thank you !

Okie dokie C-chan, will keep Kise for you ^____^

So cute! Could I be put down for Kagami MCF? Thank you, Duckie! ^.^/

Sure thing! You like muscular men ah? XD

Yep! I have got it bad for alpha males! Just that and Kagami and Aomine are my fave KuroBasu characters! XD

"Don't want the Kagami hamburger? LOL"
Actually I was going to go for Kagami and Aomine ones, but I fell in love with Nigo as soon as I checked out the newly added items! ^.~
Plus I am flat broke and so should not be ordering to much of anything right now LMFAO OTL;;;

LOL I see I see~

Awwww, I'm broke too so I know how you feel, I'm just waiting for people to pay me so that I can pay my credit card back LOL

Well, then you should keep an eye out for the Kuroko MCF Fall collection also when I post~ I'm thinking Aomine will be in there, since he's not in this one~ But there's no photo yet so I won't post it anytime soon LOL

Oh! Definitely! I will be keeping an eye out for the Fall collection next then~ Aomine needs to be in that set! Also hoping to see Kiyoshi pop up too! \o/ ♥

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