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LOL... they're trying too hard to make new goods
Is it just me or is Rin a little scary looking in this LOL...  and Rei is in speedos LOL

free rubber straps october

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I think they look adorable *~* *pokes their tummys* x'D

LOL, they do except for Rin's scary smile!! Should I post these for preorder?

Everyone knows that Rei can rock those speedos! LOL And that Rin is so cute! Ahh I really wonder what the secret the figure is. lol Or are they just using the figure of the mascot as a holder? Hmmm.

Hahaha yes, he totally rocks those speedos, but Rin's smile scares me LOL!!! Oh yeah, and so much for a secret one right? You can totally guess what it is LOL!!! No, I think it's the actual silhouette, not just a temporary hehehe

Rin's smile is so cute though! Maybe that's just me, but I like the looking guys/antagonist/etc LOL And I just realized that they all look like little babies for these straps; that's even more adorable now (´っ//◞౪◟//c)

Maybe the way they drew his teeth looks a bit devilish hahaha, yeah, they do look like chubby babies!!!

lol, those were my thoughts exactly. they should call it the open-secret figure this time around.

...rin's smile wouldn't be so creepy if he wasn't just standing there like that. maybe that's his favorite past-time, just standing around with that expression... following you with his eyes... >8D

hehehe, they love secrets, except for the secrets are always out!!

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