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This AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Otomate Rubber Coaster Collection is INCREDIBLY NICE!!! The artwork is beautiful and unique o(≧▽≦)o The collection contains 6 Hakuouki characters and 5 Amnesia characters ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I will buy these!!! As always I will buy extras to sell and will open for reservations~ Each coaster is $15~ If I get more than 7 characters in reserved, I will buy a box! I will buy as many boxes as necessary!!! Fans of each anime/games, feel free to support your favorites!!!!

Reservation List BOX 1
Hijikata rubber coaster :
Okita rubber coaster :                lehst
Saitou rubber coaster :              c2422
Kazama rubber coaster :
Harada rubber coaster :
Toudou rubber coaster :            lehst
Shin rubber coaster :
Ikki rubber coaster :
Kent rubber coaster :
Toma rubber coaster :                c2422
Ukyo rubber coaster :                 c2422

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This is so pretty!!! I would like to have Saito, Toma, and Ukyo rubber coaster :D!

They are really pretty aren't they?!?! I love the Okita one and Toma one the most, to me, they are the best looking in this artwork series hehehhehe

Anyways, I'll put you down for your usual three!!!

Hi C-chan, your three Hakuouki rubber coasters are here, along with the Yukimura and Tezuka stick posters, and the KuroBasu Relaxation stickers I held for you. I've updated all my sales, is there anything you would like to add? Or should I give you a total? Let me know!

Hakuouki Rubber Coaster : Saitou $15.00
Amnesia Rubber Coaster : Toma $15.00
Amnesia Rubber Coaster : Ukyo $15.00
Tezuka Festa 2013 SP :  Shiny $10.00
Yukimura Festa 2013 SP :  Shiny $10.00
KuroBasu Relaxation Stickers : Aomine $12.00
KuroBasu Relaxation Stickers : Kise $12.00

ahfasd ; SHIN is calling my name .
I will come for you soonnnn ~

Okay! Will put you down for Shin ^___^

Ahhhh ~ You don't have to , I'm probably won't be able to get it for a while !~ OTL

Due to your privacy settings, I can't reply directly to your private message, please change your settings so we can communicate. About your question:

Basically this site is saying that for the summer, August and September, there will be some character goods for Brothers Conflict in the event called "Chara Hobby 2013". The goods will be featured in the "Buracon" stage show, basically you'll be able to get these items at the stage show. I dunno if they will be sold online, usually the event goods are exclusive to the events. I only buy from Animate and Movic, usually they don't carry these event goods... So you'll have to find other ways to buy if you're interested in those items. I have some clear files only, I will post them sometime =)

Ahh; Sorry about that!~ I'll change it ~
I see. Thank You! And Yes, If you do have some Brothers Conflict clear files I'll love to see some . <3

Heisuke! put me down for Heisuke please. (oh gosh he looks so good. too bad he's not actually holding anything LOL)
Yeah Okita's looks good... ok put me down for Okita too.

Heisuke and Okita it is!!! They are really good looking~ My favorites are Okita and Toma in this artwork series =)

I totally agree! Toma has such a nice angle, although I think maybe Okita has an unfair advantage of flesh-tone skin lol. I'm not even a big fan of Okita's story but his merch always looks so sexy! xD
So many releases in November, can't wait!

hey duckie~
should I assume you won't be ordering a box? I'm asking because I'm looking at auctions for these, also deciding if I want to give it up altogether to buy something else. If you already ordered a box then I'm still here, just wondering what your thoughts are.

:3 did you see the photos of how they turned out? what do you think of them? Heisuke's turned out a little scary! lol his energetic expression tends to be susceptible to that. xD
Kazama and Okita's are so sexy... x3

Heya, I haven't bought a box yet, as of now. Would you also be interested in the Kazama one? If you'll get three, and C-chan gets the other three, then that will be more justifiable for me to get a box. They are pretty expensive, so if I can't sell more then I'll have lots left behind and money spent...

Yeah, I really like those three a lot.
AHH to heck with it, if you get a box, I can claim Harada's also. His turned out well in real life too. I figure I'll just buy them from you~ or not at all. Doesn't seem worth it to get them from auction.

If you decide its too much risk on you to buy a box I understand. lol I was originally asking because I was thinking about buying just one at auction, and doing it soon, so I was concerned about overlap. Sorry you went around in circles with me~! Stupid pretty collectables lol. thanks for talking it out with me XD

No problem, I know decisions are tough =) If you can reply and confirm for Okita, Harada, Toudou and Kazama, then I will get the box right away!!! Please don't cancel on me once I buy though~

(Deleted comment)
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