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There are soooooooooo many cute things coming out for FREE! it's just amazing how well the Japanese goods industry does on seizing the opportunity to make money!!!  Here are the items upcoming items~  Releasing in October, I will get them by November~  Feel free to reserve!!!

Free! YuraYura Clips

They are SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!  They look like babies, like swimming babies~  I can't get over these chibi art, LOVE THEM!!!  I will order, so make your reservations~~  Each will be $12~


Reservation List                                   Box 1                             Box 2                
Haruka & Dolphin :                               absolutehymn                cjoelle
Makoto & Whale :                                 absolutehymn                cjoelle
Rin & Shark :                                        blacknightsky                 cjoelle
Nagisa & Penguin :                                                                     cjoelle
Rei & Butterfly :                                    azalifinrandi                    cjoelle
Special Haruka & Iwatobi-chan :           blacknightsky                 cjoelle
Free yurayura_2Free yurayura_3
Free yurayura_4

Free yurayura_1

Free! Rubber Straps Collection

These rubber straps are super cute as well~  The boys are having fun with different water props LOL!!!  Again, they are $12 each, feel free to reserve!!!


Reservation List                            Box 1                        
Haruka & Beach Ball :                  aviddelusions
Makoto & Snorkel :                       blacknightsky
Rin & Water Gun :                     
Nagisa & Whale Buoy :
Rei & Kickboard :
Special Haruka & Rin Tube :        blacknightsky
Free straps_4Free straps_2Free straps_3

Free straps_1

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OMG SO CUTE !!!! I love the Yura Yura clip ! >__< ♥♥

Yeah they are, they look like babies =)

asdfjkl; Why are these so adorable!? >___<; It's so hard to choose really, but I know that if I don't choose now, I probably won't get the ones that I would want right now LOL

Sooo this it actually a combined order for my sister and I:
YuraYura Clips:
Rin & Shark
Special Haruka & Iwatobi-chan

Rubber Straps Collection:
Makoto & Snorkel
Special Haruka & Rin Tube

;____; I promise to get Rei next preorder.

Edited at 2013-08-09 05:10 pm (UTC)

JUST LOOK AT THAT "FLYING STINGREI", HOW COULD YOU NOT GET HIM!!!! LOL, okay, I'll put you down for those 4 hehehhee

LOOL They all are really adorable and I want to squish Rei even more, especially what happened last episode. I also think that I haven't preordered something with Nagisa either. ;0; It's so hard when everyone is so lovable but you can only choose the members that you like the most!

All of your Yurayura clips and rubber straps are here!!!

Count me in for one of each Yura Yura clips.

It's the first time I'm doing this, should I PM you for a paypal so I can pay for them ?

Thanks for doing this ^_^

Hi cjoelle! Welcome to my page ^___^ I will be very happy to buy you a full box of all 6 characters. It is quite a lot of money however, are you absolutely sure that you want to buy this? I will not be able to cancel my order from Animate. Please confirm your decision one more time!

Please also let me know your zip code (if domestic in US) or country name (if international), and so I may calculate the shipping cost for you when the items come =)

I'm sure :)

I gave you my address in the reply to your pm.

(Screened comment)
Payment sent! Once again, I apologise for the wait, my yahoo mail has changed and now I don't see right away the messages I get from LJ :/.

Hihi cjoelle, it's absolutely no problem at all =) I will have your box sent in a couple hours. A shipping confirmation and customs tracking number will be sent to your confirmed email address. Please allow 2-3 weeks for it to come. When you have received the package, please let me know by leaving me a feedback on my feedback page. Thank you!

Nuuuuuu....can I get Rei's yura yura clip?? So cute!!!

Hihi, hope you're doing well! Just letting you know that the Rei yurayura clip is here ^___^

Damnit Rei you are just too much right now. XD Look at his cuteness.

Makoto's pose looks kinda weird but I'll get him and Haru anyways. Help you finish out that box of Yura Yura clips :)

Edited at 2013-08-10 03:58 pm (UTC)

Hehehe okie dokie!! I'll put you down for Haru and Mako-chan!!

Hymnster, the school emblem fastener accessories are available again! The ones that I had said they sold out, they're restocking now. Do you still want Haruka and Makoto?

Hey! Yes please! I really liked those a lot :) Thank you!

Okay! Confirmed, I've bought them for you =)

The yurayura clips are here!!! And they're really really cute T____T

Can I reserve the rubber strap - Haruka & Beach Ball?
He is absolutely adorable! *-*

Sure =) He's definitely very cute! Are you located in the States or are you international? If you're international, please know that the strap has to be shipped as a package, so here are the expecting rates for international shipment: http://duckie405.livejournal.com/32471.html

I'm international (Australia) and am happy to pay the shipping price! :)

Okay great! I have your name down, so you are sure to get what you want unless they cancel on me =)

Hello there! I have received the Haruka & Beach Ball rubber strap!!! I have updated my Free! sales with many more things, would you like to take a look and see if you're interested in anything else? Just let me know if you would just like the total with shipping =)

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