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I'm too lazy to make a preorder post for each anime, so putting them all in one!!!  Make a comment and list the items you want to reserve!  Most I can order separately, listed as "INDIVIDUAL", but if they come in a set then I will let you know whether or not I can buy a set, if I get enough interests, listed as "SET"~

These Free! items will be available to ship around the end of October or November if I buy.  If you're interested, please make your reservations.  All can be ordered separately, so feel free to preorder as many as you like.
The first item is a long cushion, 20x50cm or 8"x20", the front has Haruka and the back has Makoto.  Each will be $60.
Next are two sticky notepads, A set has the boys swimming in their swimsuits, B set has the boys in their school uniform.  Each set will be $14.
Third are the drinking glasses.  Each glass is 12.5cm/5" tall with a diameter of 6.5cm/2.75".  Glass A has the boys in their school uniform with their respective animal symbol.  Glass B has the boys swimming in their swimsuits =)  Each glass will be $35.

Reservation List  (Individual)
Free! Long Cushion  :
Free! Sticky Notes Swimsuit  :  blacknightsky
Free! Sticky Notes Uniform  :  blacknightsky
Free! Glass A Uniform  :
Free! Glass B Swimsuit  :

Free long cushionFree sticky notes

Free glasses

Normally I don't take preorders for clear files, but I will for these KuroBasu ones (and below UtaPuri ones too)~  Each file will be $15.
These KuroBasu Pencil Pouches are of size 9.5x24cm or 3.75"x9.5".  Pouch A has Kuroko/Kagami on one side and Murasakibara/Akashi on the other side.  Pouch B has Aomine/Kise on one side and Midorima on the other side.  Each pouch will be $25.
All can be ordered separately so feel free to preorder as many as you like.

Reservation List  (Individual)
KuroBasu Team CF - Seirin  :   anjichan, bakemomo
KuroBasu Team CF - Kaijou  :   bakemono
KuroBasu Team CF - Shutoku  :    bakemono
KuroBasu Team CF - Touou  :   bakemono
KuroBasu Pencil Pouch A  :
KuroBasu Pencil Pouch B  :

These metal bookmarks are about 5.5cm or 2.25" in diameter.  They are made of high quality zinc alloy~  Each metal bookmark will be $13.  This comes in a set, so if I have more than 6 characters requested then I will order a set.

Reservation List (Set)
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Hijikata :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Okita  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Saitou  :    c2422
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Todou  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Harada  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Round - Kazama  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Petal - Hijikata  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Petal - Okita  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Petal - Saitou  :     c2422
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Petal - Todou  :
Hakuouki Metal Bookmark Petal - Harada  :
Hakuouki Metallic bookmarks

In light of the coming Karakore of the boys with headphones, the stick posters of the same artwork is being re-released.  There are two versions, one with color, and one in monochrome.  Just as well the first stick poster series, the boys in school, and the third stick poster series of the boys in the rain are being released again too.  These have a special shiny pearl version, and a normal version.  All three series come in boxsets, so if I get more than 8 characters reserved from each series, I will buy the boxset~  Each poster is $10.

Reservation List - School  (Set)                                Reservation List - Headphones  (Set)
SP v.1 Shiny - Ryoma  :                                            SP v.2 Color - Ryoma  :   koori
SP v.1 Shiny - Tezuka  :                                           SP v.2 Color - Fuji  :
SP v.1 Shiny - Fuji  :                                                 SP v.2 Color - Atobe  :   koori
SP v.1 Shiny - Atobe  :   nia9001                              SP v.2 Color - Oshitari  :   absolutehymn
SP v.1 Shiny - Oshitari  :                                           SP v.2 Color - Yukimura  :
SP v.1 Shiny - Yukimura  :                                        SP v.2 Color - Niou  :   blacknightsky
SP v.1 Shiny - Sanada  :                                           SP v.2 Color - Shiraishi  :
SP v.1 Shiny - Niou  :    blacknightsky                       SP v.2 Color - Kenya  :
SP v.1 Normal - Ryoma  :                                          SP v.2 Monochrome - Ryoma  :
SP v.1 Normal - Tezuka  :                                         SP v.2 Monochrome - Fuji  :
SP v.1 Normal - Fuji  :                                               SP v.2 Monochrome - Atobe  :
SP v.1 Normal - Atobe  :   absolutehymn                  SP v.2 Monochrome - Oshitari  :
SP v.1 Normal - Oshitari  :   absolutehymn               SP v.2 Monochrome - Yukimura  :
SP v.1 Normal - Yukimura  :   absolutehymn            SP v.2 Monochrome - Niou  :
SP v.1 Normal - Sanada  :                                        SP v.2 Monochrome - Shiraishi  :
SP v.1 Normal - Niou  :                                             SP v.2 Monochrome - Kenya  :


Reservation List - Rain  (Set)
SP v.3 Shiny - Ryoma  :   koori
SP v.3 Shiny - Tezuka  :
SP v.3 Shiny -  Atobe  :
SP v.3 Shiny -  Ootori  :
SP v.3 Shiny -  Yukimura  :
SP v.3 Shiny -  Niou  :   blacknightsky
SP v.3 Shiny -  Shiraishi  :
SP v.3 Shiny -  Kenya  :
SP v.3 Normal - Ryoma  :
SP v.3 Normal - Tezuka  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Atobe  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Ootori  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Yukimura  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Niou  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Shiraishi  :
SP v.3 Normal -  Kenya  :

There are a few things for Utapuri that I'm willing to buy for preorder.  Again, I normally don't take preorders for clear files, but they are nice and I wanna make sure I buy the amount that people want so I'm taking preorders this time.  Each clear file is $15.  These can be ordered separately, so feel free to preorder as many as you like.
The metal plates are just like the Prince of Tennis ones that I sell.  If you've purchased one of those, then you know that they are really really nice and good quality!  Each will be $12.  This comes in a set, so if I get more than 6 characters reserved then I will buy a set =)

Reservation List  (Individual)
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Otoya  :  namia, babysyusuke
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Masato  :   sagara_megumi
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Natsuki  :
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Tokiya  :  babysyusuke
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Ren  :
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Syo  :
Utapuri Sunflower CF -  Cecil  :

Reservation List  (Set)
Utapuri Metal Plates - Otoya  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Masato  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Natsuki  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Tokiya  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Ren  :    c2422
Utapuri Metal Plates - Syo  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Cecil  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Reiji  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Ranmaru  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Ai  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Camus  :
Utapuri Metal Plates - Haruka  :

UtaPuri CF - 01UtaPuri CF - 02UtaPuri CF - 03UtaPuri CF - 04UtaPuri CF - 05UtaPuri CF - 06UtaPuri CF - 07UtaPuri CF - 08
UtaPuri Metallic Plates

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Hello :D I would like to have the Prince of Tennis poster Rain Ryoma Shiny , the Headphones color Ryoma and the color Atobe please :3

Sure, I'll put you down for them, but since they are sets, right now I'm not sure that I will buy. I'll let you know if I get more reservations to buy the sets~

Hi Linna-chan, I would like to have Hakuouki both Saito metal bookmark and UtaPuri Ren metal plate.
Thank you :D

Hi C-chan, sure thing, I'll put you down for the Saito round and petal bookmarks, and also the Ren metal plate~ But they are sets, so for now, I'm not sure if I will buy a set of each. I'll keep you updated~

Hi ^^ I'd like to have Masato's clear file, please.

Thank you!

Hi Megumi-chan, sure I'll put you down for Masato's CF ^__^

Oh! Could I be put down for KuroBasu Team CF Seirin version? I love the look of the illustrations featured on that CF! Thank you ♥

Sure thing anjichan, I will put you down for the Seirin team CF =)

You can put me down for all four of the KuroBasu clear files~

I would like the SP v.1 normal Atobe, Oshitari, and Yukimura ones.
Let me know if you don't get enough interest - it might be cheaper for me to buy the whole boxset on CDJapan because I do like all of the other posters too.

And I'm interested in SP v .2 - Colored Oshitari in case that gets ordered. I already have three out of the SP v.3s. Kenya looks great in that set <3 I wished I had gotten Ootori back then though.

By re-release I mean only Movic is re-releasing, they don't actually resell them on any other websites, even Animate. If you want to wait and see if the other stores decide to pick them up again, you're more than welcome to wait =) They are available to buy now from Movic, so the only problem with waiting is that they might be sold out again. The reason I might not get them until October or November because I am buying some other things releasing in October as well.

Let me know if you wanna reserve more ^___^ You still have Sanada on hold from my sales.

If that cushion had been Haruka and Rin, then I would just cry since I doubt I would have enough room for them anyway. ;n; But alas, I'll settle with those swimsuit sticky notes! And those stick posters. ;A; If you do order them, then a shiny Niou has appeared! lol from v.1 and v.3 and a color Niou from v.2 please! Those clear files...I'll get back to you on that!

LOL you're already surrounded by many boys in bed!!! Anyways, that cushion is sold out, even if you had wanted it, I wouldn't be able to buy it... Okie dokie, I'll put you down for all five of the items. I'm thinking of most likely getting vols. 1 and 2, but not too sure about 3, maybe I'll wait a bit more and see =)

Edited at 2013-09-05 04:37 pm (UTC)

Hello, I would like to order the Utapuri Sunflower CF - Otoya file. ^^ May I know what the shipping to Malaysia is like for a file or 2.

I can put you down, but I haven't purchased any yet because there hasn't been enough interest for these.

There are two options for shipping the clear files. I can ship as an international package, with cardboard backing and bubble wrap protection, and that would be at least $10-$13 depending on the weight of the cardboard. I can also ship without any packaging material at all as a completely flat envelope, probably around $4. I'm working so I can't try packing anything to give you an accurate estimation. But you can see all the estimates here:


headphone atobe coloured normal ver if possible, if not, shiny would do :)!

Hi Nia, the headphones stick poster only come in colored or monochrome (black&white). The colored Atobe one is already reserved by another member, there's still the monochrome version available. If you want that monochrome one then I can put you down for him.

(Screened comment)

Can you order the Otoya sunflower file for me?

Would this come before December? If yes can I order Tokiya as well? If not then it's ok.I'll just take Otoya.


Edited at 2013-10-19 06:26 pm (UTC)

I am not sure, they might be shipped in November so maybe not... I can buy both for you, and if they don't come by December, then I'll just post Tokiya for others to buy =)

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