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There's also a set of Kuroko no Basuke Half Age characters!!! These guys are cute too when they are young =) releasing at the end of this month so I would get them around October if I buy. Each figure will be $16. Make your reservations if you're interested!

Reservation List
KuroBasu Half-Age - Kuroko :
KuroBasu Half-Age - Kagami :
KuroBasu Half-Age - Kise :
KuroBasu Half-Age - Midorima :
KuroBasu Half-Age - Aomine :
KuroBasu Half-Age - Murasakibara :

Anyone interested in a beautiful set of Amnesia Clear Trump?! They're not actually clear, LOL, otherwise you'll be able to see each other cards LOL... They are just named that way, because they are made of plastic, not paper!!! Specifically of "PP", lucky for you I know what PP means, it's polypropylene =) This set is to be released at the end of October, so I'll get it in November or December. I can buy as many as requested, up to FIVE, the limit for Movic orders. They should be like my TeniPuri Trump from 2005, photo included. Each set will be $35. Make a comment if you want one =)

Also available are the Hakuouki Sketch Clear Files!! They are super nice, in monochrome~ Each CF is $15. If you want one, please comment ASAP I will close this order soon because I'm afraid they will set out quickly!!

Reservation List
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Hijikata :
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Okita :
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Saito :    blacknightsky
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Harada :
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Toudou :    blacknightsky
Hakuouki Sketch CF - Kazama :

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UGH Those clear files are gorgeous!!! I usually don't like monochrome, but these look so nice. (Though it seems to have a water painting effect to it, I think.) I would like Heisuke and Saito please~

They are, and yes I agree, they do look like water colors hehe. Alrighty then, I'll get a Saito and Heisuke for you!!

D: Aww... the series of artwork on the clear files here has been my favorite. The artist did such a nice job capturing their personalities through such simple poses and expressions. I love how they cropped Hijikata's piece, so dramatic! I managed to order Heisuke's awhile back atleast. @_@ your page taunts me! Lol

I love Half Age figures! But I don't actually know about Kuroko's Basketball at all. Ne~ are their names based on colors? Like that of their hair?

Hehehe yes I love the illustrations on this set!!! Well, you gotta let me know real soon if you want any, cuz I'm putting in the order as soon as I decide which of the other available CF's I wanna buy =)

LOL with KuroBasu... I guess the rival characters' names could influence the color of their hair~ Though Kuroko's hair is hardly black =P It's a good anime, you should watch it, or read the manga~

nah, i'll pass on ordering. just chatting, lol. if i want some CF's you have tons of pretty ones on my wishlist already!

haha! i see, so their names caused their hair colors to be that way, lol j/k. yeah I just did a quick search to figure out which one was Kuroko. I guess he's black though since he's the shadow player? (edit- ooh i just learned what "kuroko" means xD i was half right i guess.) this story sounds cool- first Free! and now you got me into another series. you are such an enabler! lololol

Edited at 2013-09-06 02:15 pm (UTC)

Hehe okay no problem =)

Kuroko's hair is aquamarine hehehe, that's why I said it's hardly black LOL

Anyways, Free! is precious ^___^

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