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Does anybody want a KuroBasu 2014 Schedule Book and Seals? The Schedule book contains 48 pages, with different artwork for every month, notes, full year calendar, and a plastic cover. Schedule Book will be $22 and the Schedule Seals will be $5 each. If you buy both Schedule Book and Seals then it'll be $24 for both. I can only buy 5 of each. I will put in the order in a couple days, let me know as soon as possible~ Will most likely be available to ship in November.


Reservation List
KuroBasu Schedule Book only :
KuroBasu Schedule Seals only :
KuroBasu Schedule Book and Seals :   anjichan, absolutehymn

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Oh! I am so in! Could I be put down for the schedule book & seals? I loved 2013 one so much~ so I have to have 2014 too! ♥

Sure thing anji-chan! I will buy both for you ^____^

Oh yeah! And I have your Schedule book and seals as well, hehehe~ So here's what we actually have, let me know if I'm missing something!

KuroBasu Team CF - Seirin $15.00
Free! Nagisa Penguin Pendant $35.00
KuroBasu MCF - Autumn - Aomine $7.50
KuroBasu MCF - Autumn - Kagami $7.50
KuroBasu MCF - Autumn - Himuro $7.50
KuroBasu Schedule Book and Seals $24.00

Yay! Could I also add (if possible):

KuroBasu Big Clear Cards - N4 - Kagami/Aomine : $10
KuroBasu Big Clear Cards - N1 - Main Cast : $8

Thank you! I can pay as soon as ^_^/

Hi anjichan, blacknightsky just claimed N1 before you, sorry! I turned off my comp so I can update them with names, but she claimed N1, N8, S4 and S6. Is there another one you wanna change to? Any Kagami or Aomine ones?

My next choice would be N2 (kuroko/kagami) :)

Okay, N2 is available! Oh, there are two KuroBasu clear files, new ones that you might like. They are updated under that CF section of the KuroBasu sales if you're interested in taking a look!

Anyways, I'll pack everything later and I'll give you the total right away k? I'm about to fall over from sleepiness LOL, it's 6am here... Will get back to you in several hours σ(^_^;)

Thank you!! I think I am ok to go with what I listed for now ^^

(Screened comment)
OH! Nice CF! I'm very interested in it ^_~

I'll pay right away too!

OK! the payment should be with you any moment! TY! ♥

Okay!!! Your package has been sent ^____^ I'll keep the other clear file for you for next time, I don't even need to post it LOL

Please let me know on my feedback as always when you get the box!!

No problem, I am sure I will be back for more as always! XDD


Hi Linna!

The PoT schedule book has been the handiest thing so far so I would love to get the KuroBasu schedule book and seals too!

Alrighty Hymnster, these schedule books are absolutely handy! I don't like to carry my big appointment book around either, so these are just enough for me to write what I need to do for the days!

In November, do you think you'll be able to pay as soon as they come in?

Yes I will be able to pay when you let me know you got them. Now that I am working three jobs, I will be able to take care of things quicker. Plus I am absolutely out of wall space (and room in general) so I will be able to curb my spending somewhat.

Three jobs! That's tough, good luck with everything =) Alrighty then~ Since you got the stick poster file, you can store some in there for display right? ^__^ You can pin the poster file on the wall, and flip the pages depending on who you feel like seeing that day LOL

Thank you. Working seven day a week until a personal weekend at the end of October. And any Saturdays I have off of Menards, I have a marching band competition or football game. Wheeeee.

The KnB posters and the PoT ones are going in there, yes. There I actually no room to hang it but that is kind of a fun and great idea! I was debating taking the five I have hanging up down and filing them away to make more room for clearfiles, but the five I have up look great the way they are. Hmmm...

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