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Does anybody want a KuroBasu 2014 Schedule Book and Seals? The Schedule book contains 48 pages, with different artwork for every month, notes, full year calendar, and a plastic cover. Schedule Book will be $22 and the Schedule Seals will be $5 each. If you buy both Schedule Book and Seals then it'll be $24 for both. I can only buy 5 of each. I will put in the order in a couple days, let me know as soon as possible~ Will most likely be available to ship in November.


Reservation List
KuroBasu Schedule Book only :
KuroBasu Schedule Seals only :
KuroBasu Schedule Book and Seals :   anjichan, absolutehymn

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Alrighty Hymnster, these schedule books are absolutely handy! I don't like to carry my big appointment book around either, so these are just enough for me to write what I need to do for the days!

In November, do you think you'll be able to pay as soon as they come in?

Yes I will be able to pay when you let me know you got them. Now that I am working three jobs, I will be able to take care of things quicker. Plus I am absolutely out of wall space (and room in general) so I will be able to curb my spending somewhat.

Three jobs! That's tough, good luck with everything =) Alrighty then~ Since you got the stick poster file, you can store some in there for display right? ^__^ You can pin the poster file on the wall, and flip the pages depending on who you feel like seeing that day LOL

Thank you. Working seven day a week until a personal weekend at the end of October. And any Saturdays I have off of Menards, I have a marching band competition or football game. Wheeeee.

The KnB posters and the PoT ones are going in there, yes. There I actually no room to hang it but that is kind of a fun and great idea! I was debating taking the five I have hanging up down and filing them away to make more room for clearfiles, but the five I have up look great the way they are. Hmmm...

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