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More for preorders!!!  Comment in you're interested~


These colorful collection mascots are scheduled for release in FEBRUARY of 2014!! There are two styles for each boys. One is the swimsuit version, the other is a school uniform version!!  Pictures are added, and they are awfully cute ^______^  I'm listing them for $13/piece, so make your reservations!


Reservation List                                    BOX 1                               BOX 2
Haruka swimsuit karakore :                   blacknightsky                    aoife_power
Makoto swimsuit karakore :                   blacknightsky                    azalifinrandi
Rin swimsuit karakore :                         blacknightsky                    aoife_power
Nagisa swimsuit karakore :
Rei swimsuit karakore :
Haruka uniform karakore :                     absolutehymn
Makoto uniform karakore :                     azalifinrandi                      absolutehymn
Rin uniform karakore :                      
Nagisa uniform karakore :                      aoife_power
Rei uniform karakore :                           azalifinrandi
Haruka SPECIAL karakore:                   blacknightsky

Free karakore
Free karakore Haruka swimFree karakore Haruka uniformFree karakore Haruka special

Free karakore Makoto swimFree karakore Makoto uniformFree karakore Rin swim

Free karakore Rin uniformFree karakore Nagisa swimFree karakore Nagisa uniform
Free karakore Rei swimFree karakore Rei uniform

These rubber straps can be purchased individually, so you can ask for as many as you like.  They are released in mid November, so I'll get them in December if I buy.  Unfortunately Rei is sold out... but if you want him, I'll stalk him out, if he does come back for preorders, I'll grab him for you right away, so just make a comment with the characters you want.  Please be serious about buying, and prepare to pay as soon as I request payment.  Each strap will be $13.

Reservation List:
Haruka rubber strap  :
Makoto rubber strap  :
Nagisa rubber strap  :
Rei rubber strap  :

Free straps

There are these initial straps that are being released in November as well.  They come as a pair, Ryoma/Shiraishi and Atobe/Yukimura~  If you want the pair that's great, I can get the full pair for you.  If you want only a certain character, if another member wants the complimentary, I can split the package and give you each the character you want!!!  For a pair it'll be $30, for individually, it'll be $17 per strap.  Make a comment if you're interested!!

Reservation List
Ryoma/Shiraishi Pair  :
Atobe/Yukimura Pair  :
Ryoma Single strap  :
Shiraishi Single strap  :
Atobe Single strap  :
Yukimura Single Strap  :
Shinpuri straps

There are some character clear files coming out also!  These can be purchased individually as well~  As always, each will be $15.  Make a comment if you want one!!

Reservation List
Kuroko Clear File  :  bakemono
Kagami Clear File  :  bakemono
Kise Clear File  :
Midorima Clear File  :
Aomine Clear File  :  bakemono
Murasakibara Clear File  :
Himuro Clear File  :

Kurobasu clear files

These fortune charms have cute chibis with stars and a fortune~  Releasing at the end of October, will most likely received by late November or early December.  Each will be $13!

Reservation List
Kuroko Fortune Charm  :    denty_face
Kagami Fortune Charm  :    denty_face
Kiyoshi Fortune Charm  :
Kise Fortune Charm  :
Midorima Fortune Charm  :
Aomine Fortune Charm  :

Kurobasu fortune charms

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Yes, I've posted it already.

Can you put me down for Kuroko, Kagami, and Aomine clear files? Thanks *______*

Sure thing, I'll order them for you when I put in my own =)

Hey there, I've receive the KuroBasu clear files you wanted~ Anything else you'd like to add? Let me know~

Just SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN, 1013 : $17 but I see someone else wants it, too. So if you have more than one, I'll take a copy. If not, just the KuroBasu ones~

(Screened comment)
I'm... not seeing any new CF's under KuroBasu sales? Can you link to them directly? Thanks~

Oh how weird, I thought I posted them, but I must've forgotten to. I uploaded the photos though, here they are:


Thought so. I thoroughly check your journal every time XD

I'll take both plus the other ones!

(Screened comment)
Your package has been sent. Not sure if I checked the box that says send you a notification this time, so here's the tracking number:


Let me know on my feedback when you get it as always~

Gah! There's so much cute stuff coming out...

I really shouldn't BUT could I please put on hold the Kuroko and Kagami fortune charms (with the stars)? I will ponder the Haruka rubber strap (dancing) and let you know asap. Free is seriously the worst! How much cute merchandise must they release before we all go broke?!?!

Oh and can I also put the Hyuuga Big Can Badge (with Hyuuga in the bath) on hold too please? Man...I want the Kuroko/Nigo/Kagami big can badge too... kagami is so damn hilarious in the background!

Sorry that message was confusing.. so for now please put on hold:
Kuroko Fortune Charm
Kagami Fortune Charm
Kurobasu Big Can Badge - Hyuuga bath

I've already preordered:
Tezuka/Fuji music chara kore

Thankies and hope you're well!! xx.

Free! Is super duper cute!!! You know you wanna fall for them!!! Those Karakore are calling out to you hehehe =P

Okie dokie, the fortune charms are in a set, imma wait a bit to see if more people want it before ordering the set k? The Hyuuga big can badge I already have so will definitely hold it for you =)

Yupyup, you have the Fuji/Tezuka Karakore and they will be shipped to me very soon this weekend or early next week!!

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