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More stuff coming very soon~

I just paid 9,600yen in shipping for the anime goods... and that's actually the CHEAPEST I've paid for shipping so far!!! Last month was 14,253yen, July was 17,553yen, June and May were two of the worst months with 23,069yen and 24,072yen in SHIPPING and so on ever since October 2011... Just talking about shipping money, I've spent more than 88,500yen or $950 just from May-October 2013... As you can see, profit is not something I get from buying things from Japan for you... So I sincerely ask that once your preorder things come in a week and I request payment, please make sure you can pay me as soon as possible.


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my god the shipping price :o ..

By the way do you know when the little music prince of tennis figure are coming ? (the one with the headphones) :)

In a week, I just paid for their shipping above.

I see ^_^ I have the money so i'm waiting for the total~

Okay, I'll give you the total as soon as they come~

Okay :3
I'm waiting for the total of :

Ryoma Rotating Keyholder
Atobe + Ryoma birthday charm
Atobe + Ryoma music figure
Shiraishi Ryoma Tanabata Clearfile
Karneval Clearfile
Ryoma Multiplate winter
Book Marker Karneval
Ryoma Glass marker
Atobe book marker set

I think that's all for my holded stuff right ?

(Screened comment)
My father changed his credit card, and you know on paypal we have to wait that the card in verified, can i send you the money on monday of tuesday ? because the card is not verified yet :/

Hi Koori-chan, that's fine to wait. Go ahead and send the money whenever the card is ready~

Okay thank you very much ! ♥ How are you ? :)

You're welcome =) I'm doing fine, just very very busy!!! How about you?

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