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Temporary post cuz LJ is being stupid!!!
SHINPURI TALL TUMBLER GLASS                         NEW
These tumbler glass are very tall, and made of HIGH QUALITY, THICK, BEAUTIFUL glass~  The artwork is the beach artwork from the clear files beach series ^_____^  They look very very nice, and they are tall so can be used as a nice glass for milk or even tea~  I only bought one of each, there's no more to buy!!!  They of course come in their original black box~

Shinpuri Tumbler Glass - Ryoma/Yukimura  :  $50
Shinpuri Tumbler Glass - Atobe/Niou  :  $50
Shinpuri Tumbler Glass - Shiraishi/Kirihara  :  $50
Shinpuri Tall Glass - A_1Shinpuri Tall Glass - A_2
Shinpuri Tall Glass - B_1Shinpuri Tall Glass - B_2
Shinpuri Tall Glass - C_2Shinpuri Tall Glass - C_1