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UGH, THESE BOYS ARE SO HOT 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

Not sure if I wanna smell like them, LOL, but they are freaking hot!!!!

And what the heck is "SWEET SEXY"?!?! LOL


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I don't know about the scents, but the bottle design, particularly Ryoma's looks so pretty! *__* LOL It seems like they'd been making a lot of perfumes for various animes this year.

I love the aquamarine color, so yes, I think Ryoma's is super pretty too hehehehe

Let's see, Ryoma's is "aquamarine", Atobe's is "floral oriental", Yukimura's is "lotus", and Shiraishi's is "sweet sexy" scent .... LOL, only Yukimura's is normal hahahaha

LOL are these types of things actually nice to inhale? I NEED TO KNOW FOR REASONS >u>
yoooo i don't know the potentials of "sweet sexy" but it sounds utterly seducing |D

LOL, I wouldn't know, I've never purchased any Japanese anime perfume before hahaha!!! Oh, but their aroma candles are amazing though!!! I'm sure sweet sexy is something seducing too hahaha

I really want ryoma's perfume ;w; but as it seems it's really expensive ..

Hehehe, well godchildmomoko said she preordered you could ask her how much she got it for and ask her to get you one too =)

It's 30 euros as i saw, it's okay i won't ask her XDD Last time i asked her to preorder something for me it was sooo expensive at the end because of fees ^^"

Hehehehe I see =) I don't buy perfume, because there are many restrictions to sending perfume overseas, so I don't want to bother my friend about that part. Sorry I can't help you =)

imma pre-ordered Ryoma's <3 <3 <3 can't wait for it *drools* he looks so hawt

Hehe that's good =) Maybe you can help Koori get one too~

She doesn't want o---o i've told her i'm preordering it but she said it will be too expensive

Hehehehe I see =) How much will it be after all the fees?

Cant really tell depends :/
till now i've paid around 4200Yen with first feesa
now i have to wait for the next fees and shipping to me

I see, it's no doubt that they will have to ship him EMS because it's fragile, it won't be less than 2500yen.

Not really
but i get discount on EMS shipping
for my Wallscroll i've shoose EMs and saved around 600yen
cause SAL was more expensive xD
so i always choose EMS cause it's cheaper for me cause of my discount :3

That Atobe one is the sexiest picture I've ever seen of him in a suit. Definitely userpic material when I get around to it. And the Shiraishi one is hot too.

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