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Yahoo!!  The third volume of the One Coins collection is available for preorder!!!  Releasing in April 2014~  So if things go well, I'd get them in May =)  They are $14/figure as always.  It's six months away, hope the dollar doesn't fall by then with the economy not doing too well =P  I'll open up the boxes for reservations, if I get more than 6 reserved, I'll buy a box =)


Reservation List                              Box 1                                        Box 2
Kuroko White Uniform :                   blacknightsky
Kagami White Uniform :                   blacknightsky
Kise School Uniform :                      c2422                                      absolutehymn
Moriyama Basuke Uniform :            shiraishi_fan67
Midorima School Uniform :              blacknightsky                           lechaco
Miyaji Basuke Uniform :                  shiraishi_fan67
Aomine School Uniform :                 c2422                                      deadmans_q
Murasakibara School Uniform :       blacknightsky                           deadmans_q
Hanamiya Basuke Uniform :            shiraishi_fan67

Kurobasu one coin 3q_1Kurobasu one coin 3q_2Kurobasu one coin 3q_3

Kurobasu one coin 3q_4

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Can I have Aomine and Kise?
Thank you :)!

Hi C-chan!!! I have your Kise and Aomine 3Q figures!!! Are you ready to pay or would you like to add anything else to the order?

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Kuroko and Midorima please? ;w;

If you open up another box, please put me down for Midorima!! OwO

Okay~ Right now I'm not sure if I will open another box, but I'll put you down just in case I do!! If you can secure a place from someone else then let me know to remove you =)

Hi lechaco-chan~ I've ordered another box!!! Midorima is surely yours~ I'll let you know when he comes in ^___^

Hey hey! Midorima is in!!! Did you want something else with him too? Let me know and I'll give you the total!

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Hi! Is it alright if I get the last three of the box, Moriyama, Miyaji and Hanamiya? Though, Hangny will most likely steal Hanamiya away from me. I'm 100% sure of it.

(Add it to her growing list too, please)

It's absolutely okay!!! I'll put you down for the other three and add them to Blackie's list ^_____^ You two are way too funny, it's cute =D

Hi Linna,

Could you put me down for Kise. I forgot that this pre-order was around actually.

Okay sure, I'll put you down for Kise =)

Could I order Kise - Aomine ?
Thanks :)

Hi, Kise and Aomine have already been reserved from both boxes, they are not available, sorry. Only five characters left from box two that aren't reserved, please choose from them if you're interested.

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