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Getting close!!!

I think I'm at 40% done now... Cuz the oceans cover like 70% of the earth's surface right? σ(^_^;) I've still got lots of the oceans left to go!!! It's so hard though... cuz it's all BLUE ( ;´Д`)

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Oo, that looks like so much fun! :-)

Hehehe, yeah, it's a lot of fun!!! Really difficult though!!

Oh, neato! Is it hard to keep the pieces from collapsing or are they a tight fit?

The pieces are hard plastic, and they fit in tightly to make a sphere, 3D puzzle d(^_^o) I do put some tape inside between some pieces to guarantee stability. It's fun!!!

On another note, I'm gonna be updating lots of PoT items soon!! I haven't updated anything for a whole month so I'm itching to put some new things up on my page o(^▽^)o Oh, but with the recent post from the mod, I'm a little scared to post the news regarding the updates on my sales hehehe σ(^_^;) I haven't received any warnings personally so maybe I'm still safe haha! Well, I'll figure it out early next week~

Oooh, more tenipuri merch! Yay~ If I were you, I'd PM the mod and make sure it's okay to advertise first. At least, that's what the modpost said. Funny, I didn't realize there was an active mod in the tenipuri community. :o But best of luck to you!

haha same, I didn't think they were active =P Thank for the good luck wish! I hope your spider bite and your elbow heal up soon and leaves no scar... the elbow sounds painful!!! Take care ^___^

Aha, yeah. Thank you. My eyebrow is healing, as is the rest of me. ^__^

I hope you have a very happy birthday!

You know... I blame autocorrect... I clearly typed eyebrow!!! Hehehehe glad it's healing well~~

Awww thanks! How'd you know it's my bday?! σ(^_^;) Oh well I guess it's on my screenname hehehe

Autocorrect does that. XD

The LJ bot thing sends out reminders if your friends' birthdays. I hope tomorrow is great!

Interesting... I've never gotten any of those reminders... but then again... I didn't have any LJ friends before hahahahahaha J/K =P

Tomorrow will be very relaxing!!! I will enjoy it to the fullest, thank you~~

Well, just wait until October. You'll be getting one for me. XD

Yay! :D

Haha okay!! I'll be waiting ^___^

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