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This is quite disturbing to receive from LJ
Dear duckie405,

We noticed that someone API logged in to your LiveJournal account from a new device or location. Detailed information about this login:

Country: SG
Internet service provider: SingNet Pte Ltd
IP address:
API type: web
Authorisation type: [auth_type]
Function name: postevent

If it was you, then everything is fine and you can disregard this message.

You can check your current login sessions here. If you have any suspicions that someone could have got access to your account, please change your password and find out what else you can do.

Seriously... Whoever you are, mess with your own LJ, leave mine alone...

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Oh wow. That's gross. I hope your account is okay! I'd change my password after that. Maybe I should anyway. Haha.

I sure did change my password!!! They won't be able to guess this time!!!

oh my... this god damn hackers....
i^ve had one on my FB account.... =____= somewhere from Malaysia or something like tht

Ah yeah... it's awfully annoying that these hackers have nothing to do and just sit at their computer hacking people!!!

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