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FREE! Rubber Straps Collection 2
These Free! Rubber Straps Collection 2 are super cute!!!  They have the boys in Arabian outfits and their elementary school form with their signature animals!!  Will be released in February, so they'll be ready to ship by March~  Let me know if you want one, $13/piece as always~


Reservation List
Haruka Arabian strap :
Makoto Arabian strap :
Rin Arabian strap :                              xromanticverses
Nagisa Arabian strap :
Rei Arabian strap :
Haruka Elementary Dolphin :              funghettonero
Makoto Elementary Whale :
Rin Elementary Shark :                       funghettonero
Nagisa Elementary Penguin :
SECRET strap :

Free rubber straps 2jpg

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oh GOSH I really really wonder what the SECRET strap could be?
yet again, they keep us guessing. pffft~ xD

HMMMMM.... I have NO idea!!! LOL

I have to say that I'm in love with these straps. LOL Love the Arabian poses in which they are all doing their dance moves and Rin is holding out his hand for water. Then the Elementary ones with Rin and Haru in the same pose as they are in the first end card asdfjkl; Then the secret in which it's so hard to tell what it is hehe. Oh, you probably know this, but depending on where you buy a box, you can get another special one! From Hobby Shop it's gaming!Makoto and from animate it's gaming!Haru from that end card.

Hmm this was a nice paragraph of nonsense...Sorry!

They are most certainly adorable!!! I love the Arabian outfits they have on hehehehe... Even though gaming Makoto is extremely cute, I will be sticking to Animate and get gaming Haru (≧∇≦) Gotta sleep now... Gnite!!!

Edited at 2013-11-02 05:22 pm (UTC)

Hiiii~ :)

Could I possibly reserve the Rin Arabian strap?

You sure can! And it's coming very soon. May I ask if you're in the US or if you're international? And what method of payment are you planning to use?

Awesome! I'm in the US and I was gonna use paypal (I can cover any fees, that's no problem ^^)

Okie dokie, that's good! I'll let you know when it arrives~

Hello there, I have received your payment, but I have not received a PM from you with your address. Please remember to send me your address!!

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