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Like a ZOMBIE!!
I had been working in the office and continued at home from 7am Friday - 2:15am Saturday... With a 1.5 hr, dozing off and almost accident-causing, drive home this afternoon... Like a zombie after staring at the computer all day... Need to sleep now... Gotta continue with work tomorrow... But I guess my paycheck will be less anorexic this coming month, so that's a good thing hehe... It's never been fat...

At least my box of goodies came. If I have time, I will update more stuff this weekend~

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good work! tis a star for you ☆ or maybe you would like this one ★ lol

Both are much appreciated LOL!! Thank you~

Stay safe! I like my friends in one piece, please~ lol

LOL, thanks, I'll try to stay in one piece =P

Workin' hard~♪
Earning paychecks~♪
Driving home~♪
Getting mail~♪
Box of goodies~♪

That pretty much sums up your story, yeah? xD
stay safe, I've had near-accident sleep driving happen a few times. The only thing that saved me was the fact there was little traffic, but I did end up on the wrong side of the road with an oncoming pick-up truck! If it gets that bad I suggest singing, or even shouting to yourself. I'd even slap my thighs LOL.

Edited at 2013-11-03 12:50 pm (UTC)

LOL, that's basically it! I've been really tired, rest a lot today, but still really tired!!! I have to wake up early tomorrow, so I think I will go shower and head to bed...

It is really scary driving while half-asleep. I've been protected many times that I've veered off the road... I dunno how, but as soon as I was about to hit something, I woke up and swerve back... some higher beings are definitely protecting me!!! Anyways, I'm swerving now just sitting here =P Gonna go sleep, you take care too, g'nite =)

Walker!! i love Walkers! <3 <3 <3 *huggles cute duckie zombie-chan* : D
take care my dear :3

LOL, thank you momo-chan **hugz**

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