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Anybody want an Amnesia clear character poster? These posters are made of plastic, not your typical poster paper!!! They also come with a protection sleeve for each poster!! The posters are 15x42 cm, and the protection sleeves are 16x45 cm. There are twelve types, two for each character, one special prism group version, and a special secret version~~ Will be released in December so available for shipping in January 2014. Let me know if you want one~ Each character poster is $14, and the special prism group poster and secret poster are $15 each.


Reservation List:
Shin Red Background :
Ikki Blue Background :                blacknightsky
Toma Yellow Background :
Kent Green Background :
Ukyo Purple Background :
Shin Regular Outfit :
Ikki Regular Outfit :                    blacknightsky
Toma Regular Outfit :
Kent Regular Outfit :
Ukyo Regular Outfit :
Special Prism Group :                blacknightsky
Special Secret CCP :

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oh hey look, it's my first amnesia preorder I really do love the prism and both Ikki's. ;w; otome games...why do you have such good art...?

They sure are nice!!! Does that mean you want them? I'm a bit confused hehehe... I'll wait to see if anyone else wants them before I order though.

Sorry, I'm brain dead for driving for four hours. LOL! Yes, I would like them please if you happen to order them :)

Hehehe okie dokie, I'll put those guys down for you!!

And where did you drive to?!

Edited at 2013-11-28 04:18 am (UTC)

I drove from Miami to Tampa to get home for Thanksgiving! It's a long drive, especially if you do yourself, and being in the car for so long is tiring. haha

Oh I know exactly how you feel~ I drive to work everyday only 1.5 hrs a trip but I get so sleepy all the time!!!

Be careful! lol I get sleepy driving long trips in the morning and early afternoon, but I love driving late at night though. It's fun and I think I'm more alert in the dark as well.

I went ahead and ordered the posters!! You'll definitely get your three, I'll let you know when they come in~ Sometime in January maybe =)


Late as always. xD

Damn, I'm jealous of sister's artwork. *-* So beautifulllllllllll

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