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On January 16th, Movic will release some new Tenipuri character illustration and accessory strap sets. They are winter themed, and the boys are hot as always!!! The illustration sheets depict the boys wearing a beige color sweater with a signature scarf. The strap contains a piece of their scarf and a metal name/school plate, it's very nice ^_____^ Each set will be $24. I will receive in February if I buy them . These are sold individually so I can buy as many of each as requested. If you want them, make a comment and let me know which one!!

Reservation List
A. Illustration & Straps set - Ryoma :       koori24, godchildmomoko
B. Illustration & Straps set - Yukimura :
C. Illustration & Straps set - Shiraishi :

As well on January 16th, Movic will release the 6th series of Tenipuri Mini Clear Files, this time is called, "Prince-Style Costume". We've got a new lineup this time with the addition of Kirihara, Kite and Tokugawa!!!! They all look really really handsome in these prince style costumes ^____^ If you've been collecting the 2nd years and the whole Day in Life series of the MCF, then don't miss out on these!!! Reservation list will be opened for two boxes, they come in a box set so if there are at least 6 reservations for each box then I will buy the box!! Each MCF is $7.50 as always and will be ready to ship in February~

Reservation List                          Box 1                          Box 2
Ryoma Prince-Style MCF :          koori24                       godchildmomoko
Tezuka Prince-Style MCF :         seiiya                          babysyusuke
Fuji Prince-Style MCF :               babysyusuke
Atobe Prince-Style MCF :           absolutehymn             nia9001
Oshitari Prince-Style MCF :        absolutehymn
Yukimura Prince-Style MCF :      c2422                         babysyusuke
Niou Prince-Style MCF :              babysyusuke
Kirihara Prince-Style MCF :
Shiraishi Prince-Style MCF :       c2422
Kenya Prince-Style MCF :
Tokugawa Prince-Style MCF :

Then along with that comes the third installment of the KuroBasu seasonal MCF, winter season~ The boys are getting ready for winter! They come in a box set, so I will buy a box if at least three are reserved from each! Each MCF is $7.50 as always and will be ready to ship in February~

Reservation List                             Box 1                         Box 2
Winter MCF - Kuroko :
Winter MCF - Kagami :
Winter MCF - Midorima :               absolutehymn
Winter MCF - Takao :
Winter MCF - Murasakibara :        blacknightsky
Winter MCF - Himuro :                   c2422

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Linna-chan, I would like to have Yukimura, Shirashi, and Himuro mini clear file :).
Thank you!

Sure thing C-chan, I'll put you down for those three ^___^

(Screened comment)
Linna-chan, I guess I am good for now, and I am ready to send you the payment :)

(Screened comment)
Linna-chan, just want to let you know that payment sent :D

Received c-chan!! Keep an eye out for the shipping confirmation and tracking ^____^ And please let me know on my feedback when you receive it as always!!

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