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Here it comes!!! Shinpuri Anikuji S is announced!!! As usual, they include, song singles, doubles and albums hehehe... Japanese Children's songs this time... Hehehe kinda funny to think that they will be singing children's songs...

Anikuji S - A Prizes : Shoulder Bag - Seigaku or Rikkai
Anikuji S - B Prizes : Children's Songs Cover Album - A or B
Anikuji S - C Prizes : Japanese Children's Songs for Doubles
Tezuka/Yamato, Ryoma/Atobe, Shishido/Ootori, Fuji Brothers
Anikuji S - D Prizes : Earphone Cord Holder
Seigaku, Hyotei, Rikkai, Shitenhoji, Higa, U-17 Japan
Anikuji S - E Prizes : Japanese Children's Songs for Singles
Yukimura, Marui, Shiraishi, Niou, Sanada, Kite
Anikuji S - F Prizes : Clear File Sets
Ryoma/Atobe, Yukimura/Sanada, Shiraishi/Niou, Shishido/Ootori, Fuji Brothers

We got four Rikkais in the singles this time, that's surprising hehe... I would really like to hear Kite, Shiraishi, Yukimura and Sanada songs from the singles. I wanna hear all the doubles songs!!! Although, the only things I want from this Anikuji are the 2 albums (which will contain all the songs) and all the clear files!!!! They look great!!! It'll be impossible to collect all without buying a bunch of lotteries... No money =(


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... I need the seigaku bag, and ryoma's clearfile.. and Ryoma + Atobe will sing together ? Can't wait to see XDDD

Yupyup, Ryoma and Atobe buchou will sing together =)

oh my so amazing!! i can't wait for them! <3 i will get Ry-kun Clearfile, CD and maybe the bag >w<
i wonder which song Ry-kun will sing <3

Where are you going to get them? Good luck, they look really nice =)

hihi, Can I reserve the Fuji Kyoudai files if you have them? Thanks!

We'll see if I can even get to ANY of them LOL... The Free! ones sold out within a couple hours not even... LOL

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