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I came home to find a precious gift from two English teacher friends at my former school, Shimizu Higashi!!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ I thought they had forgotten me at the school, but this is more than a surprise, they still remember about me!!!! Shimizu Higashi Senior High School celebrated the 90th Anniversary~ Included in the package were the DVD & Memorial Book, Pamphlet, 90th Anniversary Newspaper, 90th Anniversary Clear File, 3D Christmas Tree, Angel Ornament, Hand Towel and Fan set, and a 2014 Discover Japan Calendar!!!! So many memories, I miss Higashi-Kou and all the teachers and students!!! 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。


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omg that is just the sweetest thing! That's just...I'm speechless at how cute it is that they remember you to send you all of this. That's just amazing, but then again, you are an awesome person and surely was an awesome sensei!

Ah they are very sweet overthere at my school ^___^ The teachers and the students are precious, I really miss them!!! Anyways, it's so cool to see the school being 90 years old, and all those black and white old photos in the memory LOL...

I dunno if I was an awesome sensei, but the students were awesome, so they made it worthwhile for me to teach them hehehe =P

wow. I attended a tiny backwater school (literally) so I doubt they'd have anything awesome like that for their (former) staff. Impressive, what nice surprise! :D

Ah it was so nice, I love that school so it great to see the whole history of the school in the DVD!!

Aw! It's always nice to be remembered! :)

*hugs you*

Hehehehe, it definitely is!!! Hope you're preparing well for the holidays!! Have a great time with your friends and family ^____^

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