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TENIPURI CLEAR FILE PREORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'M A LUCKY BUTT!!!  I stalked Animate again and they posted the CF's back for just a bit before I claimed the last ones ^____^  Here are the numbers that I was able to get~  They are HOT and RARE~~  Get them while you can, first come first served as always!!!!!  Each file will be $17!

Reservation List
2x  Tenipuri Group Wink CF - A (with Fuji/Yuki/Atobe)               bakemono, babysyusuke
2x  Tenipuri Group Wink CF - B (with Tezu/Shira/Kite)               bakemono, blacknightsky
1x  Tenipuri Wink CF - C (Ryoma)                                           koori24
2x  Tenipuri Wink CF - D (Atobe)                                             nia9001, bakemono
2x  Tenipuri Wink CF - E (Yukimura)                                        c2422, blacknightsky
2x  Tenipuri Wink CF - F (Shiraishi)                                         c2422

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I would like to have Yukimura and Shiraishi :)
Thank you!

Most certainly C-chan!!!

Thank you for letting me know :) and YES!!! I am interested in Shiraishi and Yukimura anikuji clear files :D!

Atobe is here!!! I've posted some other Atobe clear files and other collectibles of Atobe, please take a look and let me know if you wanna add anything!

(Screened comment)
I always pick good times to check your journal.

Assuming these are normal sized clearfiles, I'll take the following:
Tenipuri Group Wink CF - A (with Fuji/Yuki/Atobe)
Tenipuri Group Wink CF - B (with Tezu/Shira/Kite)
Tenipuri Wink CF - C (Ryoma)
Tenipuri Wink CF - D (Atobe)

LOL, you sure do pick good times to check =) And you just claimed the last of Ryoma and Atobe!! I'll put you down for those four ^_____^

Hum, hello bakemono-chan ? :o
I'm sorry for disturbing you >__<
I asked to duckie the Ryoma wink clearfile a long time ago.. But she didn't rememeber that I asked her to hold it for me and gave it to you a few hours ago.

She wants me to ask you if you would be agree to give me the Ryoma clearfile... Please, I'm looking for it since a long time, and asked it since a long time too.. I'm collectioning ryoma's stuff..

Oh. Okay, that's fine :(

Hi bakemono, your 3 clear files are here. I've also posted a couple new Atobe clear files if you're interested.

(Screened comment)
Lucky you~ I do say that you sure do have a lot of luck. LOL Group B and Yukimura for little old me? :3

If only I was that lucky more often!!! And that's the last of B and Yukimura all for you ^_____^

Heya, the Tezu/Kite/Shira file and Yukimura files are here!

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