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I received a big big surprise in the mail today!!!!!!! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ THANK YOU BLACKIE-CHAN, AND YOUR SISTER TOO!!! I've got lots to let go of, LOL!!! I LOVE IT ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Happy New Year to you as well~ <3

It's so dry here, the characters disappear pretty quickly hehehehe, it's awesome though!!


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eh? what is this? .w.)

It's a board where you write on with water, and it disappears LOL... the art of "Letting go"~

lol XD
I think I had it when I was in elementary school XD
but I write it with a spesial pen .w.)a
and it shaped like small notebook ><

so you write on it with paintbrush or just with hand?

=) I see~ For this board, you write with a brush.

that's really interesting, you can practice japanese with it ><

How cool! I have no idea what that is, but it looks super neat and exciting! What a wonderful gift from wonderful friends!

Also, I did not send out that check like I was planning to because of the massive snowstorm/polar vortex that the midwest is in. Didn't want to torture the post office in this ridiculous weather. I'll let you know when I do (should be towards the end of the week)

It is super cool!!! It's a board where you write on with water, when the water dries, the words disappear. It's for "mastering the art of letting go" LOL, I've got lots to let go of =P

No problem, yeah, we got some snow and cold temperature with flight cancellations as well... the east coast was hit hard by this cold front also, poor those postal service people~ I've got two boxes that are probably delayed due to the weather hehehe =P Anyways sure, just let me know when you send the check. The KuroBasu Autumn MCF came, so your Kise, Aomine and Himuro are here too whenever you're ready for them.

Keep warm and have a good evening!!

lol, very nice! and thanks to Blacknightsky and sister I've gone to Buddha Board's website. :D its pretty there~

also thanks to your last two posts I've learned a lot about how to say "Happy New Year" in Japanese. xD gotta pick up new vocabulary when I can.

You looked up the Buddha Board? That's awesome hehehe, it's fun to write on it, I practiced my kana's and Chinese characters on it without getting messy with the ink! It's wonderful!!!

LOL!!! I'm glad you learned how to say Happy New Year~ I'm losing a lot of Japanese actually, haven't used it for almost 30 months!!!

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