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Today was a very SPECIAL DAY for Colorado~  Do you know why?!



* Not applicable to new customers, those who have never purchased before
** Not applicable to pre-ordered items, items you previously held, or newly posted items (items marked as "NEW")
*** First come first served!!
**** All items must be NEWLY REQUESTED between the 3-day period, AND PAID FOR within TWO WEEKS of the request.

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(Screened comment)
You're absolutely correct!!! LOL, we are all very happy this weekend ^_____^

Anything you would like to get for 20% off?

(Screened comment)
LOL, I wasn't either until like five years ago =P

Anyways, I see your other message! Will reply to that now~

Not all of these are on sale, but I've had my eye on this stuff~

Hakuouki Sketch CF - Hijikata
Utapuri 3D Postcard - Ren
Utapuri Big Mousepad - Masato

Well let me know the total then. :D

(Screened comment)
Lol I'll totally have to thank the QB then. XD
I can send payment now, except I totally wanted to ask about your new otomate stills (/derp). Did you happen to get an extra of that still of Orion at the funpark? omfg him and the heroine are too cute together~ lol I totally ship them from a 3rd person perspective. Anyways if you don't have one to sell that's fine too~

Heya, I actually don't have an extra of Orion. He's a "secret" one, super rare, and I only have one for my collection...sorry~ They are discontinued. You might be able to get individual packages online somewhere, but since they are randomly packed, you're not guaranteed to get the characters you want. I bought tons to make sure I get the entire collection, expensive LOL, but I'll post the extras next time I do updates. I've got extras of some really good ones!!! I bought the same amount for Hakuouki, and I still didn't get the entire collection, I'm short 3... sucks... Anyways, I'll shoot you a message whenever I post updates with the premium stills~

Lol I knew the chances were slim but dang he's a super rare too. XD well that's probably good cuz I should refrain spending more now. I'm on my phone right now, but I'll get on Paypal once I'm home. Thanks for the update~ : )

:D payment sent~ thanks so much~! Lol I finally caved and got that Hijikata CF. And I just had to get another 3D postcard, but it took awhile to pick a character XD. I like orange so bam! Ren it is! LOL

ORANGE is the NUMBER ONE color, if you know what I mean (^_−)−☆ LOL! So yes, Ren is wonderful, and so is Hijikata! Anyways, I'll have your package sent out today. You will receive the shipping confirmation with tracking to your email as always! You know where to go to let me know when you receive it~

Hehehe yeah, I should really cut down on spending on anime goods too, especially since I had to pay almost $2K just to take one class at the university this thing... Ugh, so many school fees!!!

"ORANGE is the NUMBER ONE color, if you know what I mean (^_−)−☆"
I think reading that just made my day lol! and the cute emote omg!

(Screened comment)
Most certainly correct!!! LOL, anything new you want for 20% off?

Haha that's awesome! ^^ and CONGRATULATIONS!!~

Yup, I would like these:

Amnesia Ring Memopad - Toma : $12
Amnesia Clear Bookmarks - V. 2 : $15 (it's the ones in which they're chibi & the background is white)
Hakuouki Bromide - Okita : $7
Hakuouki Reimeroku Bookmark Set : $17

They are available for you!!! And total discount will be $10~ You're almost getting the memopad for free hehehe

I would ship the ring memopad with the Toma figure and poster, and the other three items separately, because they are flat and need to be shipped in a big envelope, with or without a piece of cardboard!

Ohh that's GREAT! Ah yes that's true! =O Thank you for the discount~ ^^

Okay that make sense, could you please tell me the total for three items that can be shipped together and the PayPal fee? Oh and could you please add the piece of cardboard~

Thank you! ^-^

Oh hey, I want to make sure about the Toma poster, because they both have yellow backgrounds LOL, so you might be confused. So for my listing, the "Yellow Background" is this one:


And the "Regular Outfit" is this one:

Can you confirm that it's still the "Yellow Background" that you want?

Lolz yeah they do, nah I understood which one was which~ XD

So yup the Yellow Background one is the one I asked you to hold for me... BUT if it's okay with you... think you can go ahead and hold the Regular Outfit one too? I've been debating whether I should get it or not, but I finally decided ^^

(Screened comment)
Ohh yaaay! =) Okay that sounds good, thank you!~

Since you're giving me the option to pay for which ever first, I'm gonna go ahead and send you the payment for Package 2 right now ^^

I just sent you the payment, please let me know if you received it~

Edited at 2014-01-23 07:12 am (UTC)

Received! And I have printed out postage for package #2 and a shipping confirmation with tracking has been sent to your email~ Let me know on my feedback when you receive the package like always!!

Awwww i already put all stuff on hold i wanted xDDD dang xD

But do you know the answer? ^____^

Ettou... maybe about the Superbowl? the colorado buffalos got a place in it?

Buffaloes? Buffaloes don't get to go to the Super Bowl =)


then i'm wrong with the super bowl?
le me should pay more attention to world news... *drop* XD

You're right about the Super Bowl, but the Buffaloes is a college team. College football doesn't have Super Bowls =)

ohhhh but at elast i was right with the bowl xD

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