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I'm making a separate entry for all of the fragile collectibles!!!  Otherwise noted, all items are BRAND NEW and in their ORIGINAL BOXES~  If you're interested in multiple items, please leave a message!!!  They will be shipped securely with bubble wrap protection.  All are posted in alphabetical order in their specific categories, so scroll through to see everything ^____^  These are for dedicated collectors, no returns or refunds, so make sure you're completely serious before asking to buy!!

All Japanese mug cups and plates are made of high quality ceramic!!!  All Japanese tumbler glasses and trading glasses are also made of high quality glass (of course LOL)!!!  They are all very thick and strong, and don't break easily ^__^  They are very shiny and smooth, and the prints are VERY VERY PRETTY~~  There's only ONE of each and most are DISCONTINUED, so I can't buy more even if I want to =)  First come first served as always!!!  Cheers to those who get their hands on these  ^___^  You won't be disappointed~

Hakuouki Sweet School Life Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups                                     NEW
These are big, high quality Japanese tea cups, they are used for hot tea. Made of shiny ceramics, they contain beautiful and UNIQUE chibi art of the Hakuouki characters in their traditional Japanese clothes in various settings!!!  I only have one of each to sell. They are of course sent in their original boxes, I only take them out to take pictures. I don't have time to open and take photos of Toudou, Harada, and Kazama so here are the stock photos!!!

Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Hijikata  :  $35
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Okita  :  $35
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Saitou  :  $35
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Toudou  :  $35
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Harada  :  $35
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Shinsengumi Tea Cups - Kazama  :  $35

Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Hijikata_1.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Okita_1.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Saitou_1.jpg
Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Hijikata_2.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Okita_2.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Saitou_2.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Hijikata_3.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Okita_3.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Saitou_3.jpg
Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Hijikata_4.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Okita_4.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Saitou_4.jpg
Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Toudou.jpgHakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Harada.jpg
Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Kazama.jpg

Hakuouki Sweet School Life Mug Cup  :  $60                                 
This is the cutest mug cup for the new SSL series of artwork!!!  They are very high quality and are SOLD OUT~~
Hakuouki SSL Mug Cup_01Hakuouki SSL Mug Cup_02Hakuouki SSL Mug Cup_03

Hakuouki Hekketsuroku Mug Cup - Okita :  $55                                           
Hakuouki Hekketsuroku Mug Cup - Saitou :  $55                                          
Hakuouki Hekketsuroku Mug Cup - Makoto :  $55                                        
These mug cups were released in 2012 so completely discontinued~  Slightly different from the other mug cups in the shiny texture, but they are very very nice!!!
Hakuouki mug_Okita_2Hakuouki mug_Okita_1
Hakuouki mug_Saitou_2Hakuouki mug_Saitou_1
Hakuouki mug_shinsengumi_2Hakuouki mug_shinsengumi_1

Amnesia Chibi Characters Mug Cup  :  $55                                                  
This mug cup was released in 2011, with beautiful Amnesia characters in their chibi form, very RARE!!!
Amnesia - chibi mug_4Amnesia - chibi mug_3Amnesia - chibi mug_2

Amnesia Character Mug Cup - Ukyo  :  $55
This is simliar to the chibi mug cups, but slightly BIGGER!!!
Amnesia Mug Cup - Ukyo_2Amnesia Mug Cup - Ukyo_1

Amnesia Purple Symbols Mug Cup  :  $40                               
Amnesia - Character seals mug_3Amnesia - Character seals mug

Durarara! Pair Stacking Mug Cups  :  $70
This is a nice pair of stacking mug cups with Orihara and Heiwajima in chibi form ^____^  Released in April of 2013, they are really cute and of good size to have coffee or tea shared with your special one XD  The box for this is also a special, thick, double cup box!!!
Durarara pair mug cups - 2Durarara pair mug cups - 3Durarara pair mug cups - 4

Durarara pair mug cups - 1

Free! Dance Chibi Characters Mug Cup with Lid :  $65                           
This mug cup is EXTREMELY RARE, being SOLD OUT immediately after release!!!  Very few people were able to actually get this, even in Japan!!!
Free! Dancing Mug_2Free! Dancing Mug_3Free! Dancing Mug_1

KuroBasu Seirin Mini Teacups  :  $15
KuroBasu Kaijo Mini Teacups  :  $15
KuroBasu Shutoku Mini Teacups  :  $15
KuroBasu Touou Mini Teacups  :  $15
KuroBasu Teiko Mini Teacups  :  $15

Kurobasu mini teacups - 01Kurobasu mini teacups - 02Kurobasu mini teacups - 03Kurobasu mini teacups - 04Kurobasu mini teacups - 05

Norn 9 Chibi Character Mug Cup  :  $55                                                              
This Norn 9 mug cup was released in January of this year, and it's very very cute~
Norn9 Mug - 03Norn9 Mug - 02Norn9 Mug - 01

Shingeki no Kyojin - Attack on Titans Chibi Characters Mug Cup  :  $55                      
This is a really nice mug cup released in September 2013, contains four of the main characters!
Shingeki no Kyojin Mug - 01Shingeki no Kyojin Mug - 02Shingeki no Kyojin Mug - 03


These plates are EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RARE because they are from the Sakura Banquet event in 2013!!!  These are really really pretty, and most people couldn't buy them because they were LIMITED release~  I'm selling mine... yes, I'm selling mine!!!  They measure 5.5" by 5.5"~  And they only reason I'm selling them a little cheaper, is because I accidentally tossed the original boxes... but they will be sent securely in other equivalent quality boxes!!!  These are for serious collectors only!!!

Hakuouki Sakura Banquet Plates - Chibi Hijikata  :  $60                                        
Hakuouki Sakura Banquet Plates - Chibi Okita  :  $60                                           
Hakuouki Sakura Banquet Plates - Chibi Saitou  :  $60                                        
Hakuouki Sakura Banquet Plates - Chibi Kazama  :  $60   
Sakura banquet plate - HijikataSakura banquet plate - Okita
Sakura banquet plate - KazamaSakura banquet plate - Saito

These Kuroko no Basuke chibi character plates were released in April of 2013, and they were made of super thick and high quality ceramic!!!  They measure 7.5" or 19.0cm in diameter so they are beautiful and big and heavy!!!  Completely DISCONTINUED, and they are super RARE~~  I have decided to sell my collection, so lucky you!!!  They are rare collectibles, so make sure you are serious before asking for them~~

KuroBasu Chibi Character Plates - Kagami  :  $75                                            
KuroBasu Chibi Character Plates - Kise  :  $75                                                   
KuroBasu Chibi Character Plates - Midorima  :  $75
Kurobasu porcelain plate - KagamiKurobasu porcelain plate - KiseKurobasu porcelain plate - Midorima


These are BEAUTIFUL, THICK, HIGH QUALITY glasses, measuring 6.5x8.5cm!!!

KuroBasu Part 2 - trading glasses - Midorima  :  $25
KuroBasu Part 2 - trading glasses - Murasakibara/Akashi  :  $25

Kurobasu glasses two_5Kurobasu glasses two_7

The Prince of Tennis - Trading Glasses - Tezuka vs. Yamato  :  $25
The Prince of Tennis - Trading Glasses - Hiyoshi vs. Atobe  :  $25

Glasses - Waka vs Ato

These tumbler glass are very tall, and made of HIGH QUALITY, THICK, BEAUTIFUL glass, thicker than your typical trading glasses~  Quite a nice glass for cold tea!!!

KuroBasu Tumbler Glass - Kaijou - Kise/Kasamatsu  :  $40
Kurobasu Collection Glass - KiseKurobasu Collection Glass - Kise_AKurobasu Collection Glass - Kise_B

The New Prince of Tennis Tumbler Glass - Atobe/Niou  :  $45
The New Prince of Tennis Tumbler Glass - Shiraishi/Kirihara  :  $45

Shinpuri Tall Glass - B_1Shinpuri Tall Glass - B_2
Shinpuri Tall Glass - C_1Shinpuri Tall Glass - C_2


These are beautiful aroma candles were released as a part of the Otomate Party 2013 event, extremely rare and LIMITED!!!  They were IMMEDIATELY SOLD OUT as soon as they were posted!!!  Since they are EVENT ONLY, they can no longer be purchased anywhere!!!

Amnesia Otomate Party 2013 Aroma Candle - Ukyo  :  $38
Amnesia glass aroma candle - Ukyo_1Amnesia glass aroma candle - Ukyo_3Amnesia glass aroma candle - Ukyo_2

Shirahana no Ori - Hiiro no Kakera 4 Otomate Party 2013 Aroma Candle - Green Tea  :  $35                   
Hiiro no Kakera - Aroma candleHiiro no Kakera - Aroma candle_1

These are very nice melamine cups!!!  Not fragile really, because they are melanine of course, but I'll post them here anyways =P

The New Prince of Tennis - Shitenhoji Melamine Cup  :  $23
Shinpuri melamine cup - ShitenhojiShinpuri melamine cup - Shitenhoji_2

Karneval Melamine Cup - Chibi Characters  :  $28                                                   
Karneval melamine cup_1Karneval melamine cup_2Karneval melamine cup_3

Thank you for looking!!!

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Hi! I'd love to buy two plates (with chibi Daiki and Tetsu), a mug with Seirin and three glasses (Daiki, Tetsu, Atsushi and Akashi). But I noticed that plate with Tetsu is grey compared with Daiki's. Does it mean you don't have it?

And what sum should I pay if I want it to be send with Priority Mail International?

Hello there, the plates and trading glasses are available, but I don't know what "mug with Seirin" you're talking about. Please only use my naming system and copy the exact names of the items you want. That's the only way I can make sure you're getting the exact item you want. While you do that, I'll go find a box to pack these up and weigh them. I'll give you the different shipping options with prices after you clarify the items you want.

Sorry, I thought I described them unambigously (you have only two Seirin mugs - one with disappearing Kuroko and the other plain (in comparison) but come to think of it on the latter there is also Kise... so gomen nasai!)

So I want the following items:

Kuroko no Basuke Chibi Characters Mug Cup : $55
KuroBasu Chibi Character Plates - Kuroko : $75
KuroBasu Chibi Character Plates - Aomine : $75
KuroBasu Part 2 - trading glasses - Kuroko : $25
KuroBasu Part 2 - trading glasses - Aomine : $25
KuroBasu Part 2 - trading glasses - Murasakibara/Akashi : $25
The New Prince of Tennis Tumbler Glass - Ryoma/Yukimura : $45

I live in Moscow, Russian Federation

It looks fine except for insurance for $400. I prefer it to be for 150$ (cause I don't want our customs have any ideas ^^~)
I opt for second option.

Hi there! I'm wondering if the The New Prince of Tennis Mug Cup is still available. If it is, I'd like to purchase it along with the UtaPri items from the other post I commented on :D

It is definitely available!! Due to the difference in sizing and bulkiness between the mug and your bookmarks/mousepad, the shipping box will have lots of empty spaces. I will need to add paper in to fill for packaging. Do you want anything else to fill up the empty space?

I'll have to take a look at everything else you have available. I'll get back to you tonight!

Sounds good, I will look for your message tonight!

Are these goods still available? If so, I'd like to order the AoT chibi mugs. Ship to Indonesia preferably using EMS as my local postal service is sometimes unreliable. You can leave Paypal invoice to osdudutz@yahoo.com

If you don't mind, can we continue our communication through private emails? (My address is the same as above). I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Hello, I emailed your yahoo mail two days ago and I have received no response. Please respond to the email and let me know if you are still interested in buying the mug.

This may be a long shot but is the Karneval mug still available?
(Karneval Anikuji - C2 - Yogi/Hirato Mug Cup : $55)

It sure is still available!!!! Mostly everything listed is still available =) Please give me your zipcode if domestic, or country name if international, and I will let you know the total with shipping.

YAY! Thank you!! You made my day! My zip is 77379.

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