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Ah, Tezuka-buchou looks great!!!  Now if only they make a Fuji-aniki to go with him... why is it that they only make figures and collectibles of the team captains when many of the team players are popular too?!?!  But anyways, there are two faces for buchou, one serious looking and one happy looking.  Tezuka-buchou's happy face looks very kind, love this figure, will keep this head on for display <3  Tezuka-buchou joins the ranks in the middle next to Katsura-san~  Missing Atobe-buchou, I should kick out Ryoma LOL, I prefer Atobe over Ryoma anytime!  Well, this will be the last figure (unless Fuji comes out **high hopes**) but otherwise there's no more room, and no more money LOL!!!

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Wah~! He's so handsome!
Congrats on the addition to your collection! :D

He is very very handsome!!! Have you seen this anime? It's long but wonderful LOL

Ooo, he definitely looks like he's ready to kill some dinosaurs play some tennis! :)

He does doesn't he?! His "out of the corner of the eyes" look is definitely very intimidating!! Anyways, I noticed that most of my figures are carrying a katana, and just the angle I took this photo Tezuka looks like he's holding a katana as well LOL!!! He's beautiful, I kinda regret I didn't buy Atobe, he would've looked nice too...

The Tezuka one is really really nice! :) Looks great with all of your other figures.

I have the Atobe one and he's magnificent. I am gifting the Shiraishi one to Azi for her birthday but I had to resist the urge to buy it too.

I'm hoping that the same maker will do KuroBasu ones sometime in the future. Their art is so nice!

Wow... You are rich to buy Shiraishi for Azi and thinking about one for yourself!!! But yes, Atobe is magnificent, but I could only get one... So it's gotta be buchou...

There is, I remember Kuroko had one...

I saw this and I am on a hunt for Fuji too.. T_T

There has been no Fuji figure released, so you don't have to hunt too hard =)

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