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More collectibles for Hakuouki Sweet School Life are up for preorder! Please let me know if you want any of these. They won't be released until the end of April, so they won't be available for shipping until May. Again, I don't ask for prepayment, but please be serious about buying if you preorder!!

Reservation List
Hakuouki SSL Chibi Mug : $50
Hakuouki SSL Saitou Clip Board and Memo Pad : $37
Hakuouki SSL Clear Bookmarks A - Okita Group : $17
Hakuouki SSL Clear Bookmarks B - Hijikata Group : $17

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No no no! These are so cute!
D: were any of the pencil boards sold out? If yeah maybe then I'll get something. Otherwise must.... refrain...! XD
Lol bookmark set A is like super colorful compared to B.

LOL that's exactly what I thought too when I first saw them!!! But it's highly reflective of their personalities, maybe they were grouped like that on purpose? The Chibi mug is really cute though, just like the Chibi Amnesia mug ^____^

I was able to preorder all of the pencil boards!! I'm not closing the preorder yet though, just incase someone else wants to buy something, I might be able to add if I make another order with these second preorder items =)

:D yay! The pencilboards are coming (someday)! Lol
Also noticing that like pretty much everyone in set B is wearing their uniforms properly xD. Gah I like these but I will just settle for the picture on the computer. (tough decision! moral dilemma!) XD. thanks for helping us get the collectibles~ :3

Someday in May!!! LOL, what do you expect, the three in the middle are like goody-two-shoes or teacher's pet... But, Hijikata though, as an oni-captain-teacher, you would think that his tie and collar should be like Sannan-San!! hahaha, but you know, I like him perfectly how he has that loosen tie and slightly messed up collar... I would love to be the wife who fixes that LOL

XD oh duckie you make me laugh. yeah I was thinking about Hiji's collar, I bet he arrives with it straight but then gets fed up with his students in no time and loosens it in frustration XDDD.

That could very well be the case, since one of them is the mischievous Okita who always messes with him!!!

If possible, I would like to preorder these:

- Hakuouki SSL Clear Bookmarks A - Okita Group : $17
- Hakuouki SSL Clear Bookmarks B - Hijikata Group : $17

The items are so cute but I guess that will be it for now :P.

Hey there, I've already finished with the preorders stuff, but I'll put you down tentatively. If I end up ordering more then I will order these for you =)

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