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Snow in April!!!

Ah snow in April Σ(゚д゚lll)Not a surprise for Colorado!! And all that melted within 18 hours LOL!! That's not a surprise for Colorado either LOL!! I always keep my cubicle kinda empty and clean, ready to go whenever I want to... But I'll really miss this view when I actually leave (つД`)ノ cuz the birds are always very playful outside ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ Three people have already expressed they wanna move into my cubicle LOL


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It is a lovely cubicle!

You didn't wish for snow when you blew out your candles, did you?

*hugs you*

Thanks!!! It's kinda cold during the winter and hot during the summer because of the big windows, but the view is wonderful!!! I like to look outside while I'm working LOL

Snow is beautiful when it's falling, but not when it's melting and getting all slushy LOL!!! This is not the last I'll be seeing of it yet, so I don't need to wish for it haha!! Will be blowing out more candles this weekend, gotta think of what to wish for!!

*HUGS* \(^o^)/

(Deleted comment)
Thank you seiiya-chan!!! Hope all is well ^___^ Have a great weekend!!!

Ah, is spring a lie in Colorado, too? It's a lie in Wyoming, that's for darn sure! Happy birthday, by the way~!

LOL, spring has been popping up here and there ever since January, and it will kick in fully by the end of April~ Our last snow fall is usually at the end of April or early May! Does it jump from winter to summer up there in Wyoming? hehehe

Thanks for the bday wish! Hope you're having a nice weekend too ^___^

Well, Jeff Foxworthy described our seasons best. Almost winter, winter, still winter, and road construction. We might get a small hint of spring here and there, but this year, winter is always lurking to crush our hopes and dreams. lol

LOL yes, we have that 5th construction season too! Awww, I'm sure it'll warm up soon!!! This was back in December, but it's hilarious:

whoaa colorado is so empty looking |D

Ah, that's the parking lot of the middle school next door LOL~ it's only empty because it's spring break and the kids are out on vacation!!!

Ugh I hate getting snow in the Spring - it's always heavy and wet. Good thing is it usually melts quickly!

Happy Birthday!

Hehehe yes that is true!! But it's going yo warm up very soon, then we will be in the fire season... Not too excited about that =P Anyways, thank you for the bday wish!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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