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I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!!!
Return of the Pearl Princess was being dubbed into English... by Conan and Andy... HAHAHA!!!!  That producer is so fired LOL... This happens to be one of my favorite shows growing up!!!  Old news but new to me since I'm so behind on everything!!!


And while I'm at it... Lee Hyun Woo is ten years my junior, but I love this kid so much, it's not even funny LOL~  Used to be a cute child star, but he's growing up to be such an excellent actor!!!  My spring break was spent half working and half catching up on movies and dramas I've been missing out on for a couple years, and I'm totally taken by surprise how wonderful he became ^_______^  LOVE LOVE LOVE LEE HYUN WOO~~  And no, I'm not a cougar LOL... the young man just has a "noona-killer smile" LOL <3


Noona-killer wink LOL~~  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahj5j1BQ3Yo

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lol duckie the things you make me look up.
but really who doesn't love Conan? I haven't watched him in quite a while though. lol I wasn't expecting to see Wendee Lee!

the woman on stage with this um... Lee Hyun Woo... was very pretty~ :o

...noona-killer wink...
what did I just watch lol. XDDD

LOL, it's just so funny that they even thought of dubbing that series in English... And asking Conan to do it LOL... Actually, I don't watch Conan, but I've seen bits here and there whenever there's something funny that my sister shows me =P

ISN'T HYUN WOO JUST PRECIOUS?!?! Love the boy =P LOL, that wink was long ago like 2009 or 2010, he's older now LOL... This is an old Clinique commercial, but cute too, I just love his smile ^____^ He's prettier than the actress in the commercial LOL, now Kim So Eun's fans will send me hate mails LOL

Ah, the actress on stage with him is Fujii Mina, she's Japanese but is fluent in Korean and acts in Korean dramas too. The two of them were selected to be Honorary Ambassadors for the 17th PiFan Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival last July. Excellent choices I'd say!!! They're both beautiful people!!!

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