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Brand New "Secretly Greatly 2013" Blu-Ray Disc for SALE!!!

I bought two sets of Blu-Ray discs of the movie Secretly Greatly~ One is the official First Press Limited Edition Blu-Ray Korean release with interviews and all that jazz, and the other is the official Hong Kong/Macau release with the making-of the movie and music video... The reason I bought both was because the description of the Limited Korean release didn't state that the movie was the theatrical cut or the extended cut, so I assumed it was the theatrical cut... Where as the HK/Macau release stated specifically that it was the extended cut of the movie... So that's why I bought both!!!

In any case... Turns out that the First Press Limited was the extended cut plus everything else!!!! But since stupid me opened the shrink wrap of the HK/Macau release first before looking at the other one... Obviously I can't return it... Long story short I have to sell the HK/Macau release now... LOL... it's BRAND NEW though, just shrink wrap removed!!!! I bought it for $30!!! It's Blu-Ray Region A, playable in all the Americas, Korea, Japan and South East Asia!!! If anyone is interested, I'll sell the Blu-Ray disc to you for $22 ^______^ BRAND NEW!!!! Let me know if you want it!!!

Left: Official HK/Macau Release
Right: First Press Limited Edition Korean Release

Official HK/Macau Release: Extended Cut, Making-of, and Music Video

First Press Limited Edition Korean Release