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Ah, so I'm kinda sad that my packages have been delayed because the release dates have been changed for some items T__________T  Most likely I won't get my stuff until late May... To those who have preordered stuff, please be patient and wait a little longer!!!

While waiting, you should watch this!!!  I PROMISE YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!  Episode 147: The Flower Boys Athletic Tournament~~  Hehehehe, this is possibly the funniest episode of The Running Man that I've seen!!!  Not just because of Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun as guest stars, but the games they played were soooooo funny, and the interaction between the 7 hosts and their guests were precious as always <3  Click on "Watch Online" and choose the "FULL" version so there's no interruption.  I'll just say this, whoever thought of setting up an obstacle course on acupressure mats is just plain evil LOL >____<


And if that Flower Boys Athletic Tournament hasn't made you laugh enough, then watch this, made me tear up LOL:


RunningMan 147

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Oh, geez! Acupuncture mats? Ouch!!!

No wonder they were all laughing so hard!

LOL, it's so funny, you should watch it!! It's English subbed, you'll understand everything!!!

I'm about halfway done. LOL

Oh yeah?! How'd you like it? LOL

It was funny!

The team I was rooting for did not win, though. LOL

LOL, I love it! Which team were you rooting for?

LOL, yes!! I was very happy when Soo Hyun finally caught the chicken!! Which game did you like the most?

Watching him run. And run. And run was a lot of fun.

But, my favorite was the wet everybody contest! LOL I mean the Exploding Chair rock/paper/scissors game! I'm gathering it has different rules than what I'm used to!

And he runs fast!!! He's the fastest of all of them~ The funny thing I thought was the team that won the tournament was not the team that had either of the flower boys LOL

That's my favorite game too!!! Ah yeah, I don't know the rules either =P From what they were doing, it looks like if you win the rock/paper/scissors, you get to call the next one, and your goal is to get the other person to show the same sign as you? LOL, it looks fun though!!! The best part was the exploding chair and them getting tossed into the pool~ Here, there's too many things to be liable for, so it's doubtful we'll ever get those games being played on national TV hehehe

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