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Prince of Tennis glasses!!!

Oh man, I think they know I collect tea cups and glasses so they're releasing this awesome set of PoT glasses!!!! I'm surely ordering myself a set (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Dear china cabinet, make room for these awesomeness!!!

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Ahahah, they're onto you! XD

These glasses are pretty cool. Are they scenes from the manga or new art?

Oh you'll love these, the artwork is from the manga and it's the pairs battle!!

Ryoma vs. Tokugawa
Fuji vs. Yuta
Sanada vs. Yukimura
Atobe vs. Hiyoshi
Tezuka vs. Yamada (from the team shuffle, hehe poor Kaido got left out)
+ one secret pair!!!

The box contains a random 6, because it's a trading thing. You can choose what glass you want, but one box should contain all 6, they always do!!! Are you interested?

Ooo, pairs battle! I would definitely like the Sanada vs. Yukimura one, but two others sound interesting as well. ...Do you know how much these will cost? Even a ballpark figure would help.

(Please ignore the deleted comment. My mistake. orz)

These are sold in a box of 6, the price for each glass is 787yen from Animate. Shipping is gonna be hefty as they are gonna be heavy since they're made of glass. I have a set of Gintama glasses so I know they're about 200-250g each, so a box weighs at least 1.5kg, it'll be 2000yen to ship the box SAL from Japan to the US. With the current exchange rate, if you're paying with a credit card, you're looking at at least $15 per glass if you're buying them on your own. Individual sellers will charge you more per glass cuz they need some incentives. Hehehe, I hope that helps!!

Not sure why my photo was so tiny! Hehehe, I've posted bigger ones for you to see!! Each says "Game set won by ~~~" hehehehe, funny funny...

Take a look at the awesome Emperor vs. God Child glass~

Thank you for all the information! I'm really tempted to buy these. Sanada. On a shot glass. XDDDD

You totally should!!! I love collecting these, you can see some in my china cabinet, they're AWESOME!!! Really good quality, you just have to be really careful when buying from abroad and remind them to pack really well~~

I'll have to see how much money I have, but I'll definitely think about it. I'd most likely use them, though because just looking at them might prove too tempting. :)

Hehehehe, I see =D Yeah, it is really tempting~

I just got word that a subgroup is working on the PoT movie now!! They're subbing it using one of the lower quality videos until their own DVD comes. Whenever they get their DVD, they make a high quality rip and re-sync the subs to the higher quality rip~~~ Can't wait to actually understand all the little convos in the movie hehehe d(^_^o)

Yes, I heard that! 2se subs is working on it now, I believe. I'm so excited! I liked the movie without subs but I imagine it'll be nice to know what's going on. :D

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