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I was lucky I wasn't working down at the University Hospital yesterday T___T  I would've been really scared... No wonder I was bombarded with emails from the Medical Campus...

Funnel cloud from the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado

This is not snow... this is HAIL!!!

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That's Mother Nature looking rather pissed. Glad you weren't caught up in it.

I know!!! We had another tornado warning today too, but it was lifted about half hour after. We are getting extreme weather this year, not sure what's going on with the climate these days, global warming probably...

My area is not prone to any such nasty events like tornadoes; wind storms and drier and hotter weather increase we have had as a trend (and a really BAD earthquake sooner or later (1 or 100+ years) is due around here).

Flooding, fires, hail, storms see around the globe a fair bit more on weather news of late (but how much more so than normal for given regions can't readily tell) does make one wonder WTF is going on. Human impact on the envronment since industrial age stirring up the Earth's wrath would not be surprised if it's the cause.

Hope things calm down soon your way!

Ah yeah, I know about the earthquake, same goes for California, the San Francisco area. The mayor was urging everyone to prepare an emergency earthquake kit. I had prepared those before while I was living in Japan cuz in my area, the Great Tokai Earthquake is due in the next 30 years... and that was 6 years ago...

In Colorado, we get fires every year because it's very dry here. Last year was record fires, with the biggest one burning 511 houses T____T And we also had biblical rainfall last September, flooding destroyed thousands of homes... I think 2013 was just a bad year for Colorado!!! This spring is tornado, hail and lightning, but we haven't even gotten to the hottest season yet, I don't know how many houses are going to be burnt this year... *sigh* Rain is the worst in the fall...

Oh, you've lived in Japan. Sugoi.

Mother Nature needs to spread around the heat and rain a bit more evenly for Colorado. oO
Hopefully this summer won't be as bad!

Ah yeah, I lived in Japan from 2008-2011 =)

Mother Nature is beautiful, but she can be very scary sometimes hehehe

Holy geez! I've seen a few things of hail before, but not in such a quantity that it looks like snow from afar. Glad that you're alright!

Thanks! There were 8 tornadoes that touched down in Colorado on Wednesday, but luckily they didn't destroy anything much, only lifted a few factory roofs. No one was hurt!!!

Dear Yato OWO
I hope you are alright? and i hope noone else got hurt?! OWO

Thanks, a lot of houses and cars were damaged from the hail, and the eight tornadoes that touched down only damaged some roofs, but nobody got hurt, so it was a blessing ~

Goodness gracious! I'm glad that you weren't around the area that that had occurred, but I'm also glad to hear that no one was injured because of said events!

Thanks! It was scary just being at home and getting all the tornado warnings on the Emergency Alert System and email. I was watching the news the whole time to follow and it was just chaos with all the hail. But yeah, no one was hurt, but lots of homes got damaged because of the golf-ball size hail.

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