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As always, the premium stills collections are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!  This time, volume 12 is entirely dedicated to Amnesia and volume 13 is entirely dedicated to Hakuouki~  Despite buying a bigger lot than last time, I could not complete either collection T______T  Missing 2 from Amnesia and 4 from Hakuouki... Whoever packed these for sales does not have any clue about even distribution... GRRRRRRRRRRRR >_______<  Anyhow~  PREMIUM collections are illustrations on big glossy plastic boards~~  If you've purchased any of the premium stills before, you understand that the premium stills are MUCH NICER than my camera can capture!!!  Enjoy the photos of the collections below!!!

I've got some extras of these premium still and will be putting them up for sale sometime later this week =)

I didn't get Ukyo... How could I not get Ukyo? T____T  And no chibi Kent & Heroine either... Ah... but the CHIBIS ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the chibi ones in this collection <3  Amnesia always has such BRILLIANT COLORS!!!!!!  My absolute FAVORITES are the Chibi Bunny Maids and the Amnesia in Wonderland LOL~

Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 02Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 01
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 03Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 04Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 23
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 06Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 07
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 08Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 09
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 10Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 11
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 12Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 13
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 14Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 17
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 16Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 18
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 19Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 21
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 24
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 15Amnesia Still Collection Premium v12 - 22

No chibis Hakuouki this time =(  But these premium stills are very nice and elegant~  I did not get Saitou, Toudou and Harada in kimonos, SOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!  And I bet the other secret that I didn't get is the second half of the Hanami Premium Still T____T  But as always, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 01Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 02
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 03Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 04
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 05Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 06
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 07Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 08
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 09Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 13
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 14Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 15
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 16Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 17
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 18Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 19
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 20Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 21
Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 22Amnesia Still Collection Premium v13 - 23

And these are the Special Still Collection for this year!  There is Hakuouki Reimeiroku, Amnesia, B-Log's, and Wand of Fortune!!!

Otomate Special Still Collection - 12Otomate Special Still Collection - 121
Otomate Special Still Collection - 10Otomate Special Still Collection - 11
Otomate Special Still Collection - 08Otomate Special Still Collection - 09

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What...? They're so beautiful omg ヽ(;▽;)ノ I really love those CGs ones from Amnesia!

I know, aren't they gorgeous?!?!?! T_______T

Impressive collection !
Lol the Amnesia chibis are so funny, I like that one of Shin mixing the tar out of the cake batter. I wish I could buy all the cafe boys XD.

I like the one of Sanan and his debatably creepy smile xD. I just played that scene in the game and it made me go from "Sanan fan" to "Sanan fangirl hyper love max". 8D
Chizuru is all like "I'm worried about you Sanan-san!" <3 And he's all like "How touching, but I can't let myself be moved by your kindness." even though he obviously is but no Sanan why did you choose such a dark path? MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU. Boo hoo hoo. ( XD lol )

D8 that scene with Ryunosuke and Yamazaki... Y_Y so tragic. I haven't played Ryu's game yet.

Hehehehhee, the chibis are my favorite as well!! I love them all ^___^

LOL, "debatably creepy smile"! I guess it is kinda creepy hehehe I don't play any of the games, so I don't really know what their paths are like, but I like the real Yamanami-san~ I sympathize with him T__T Ah, Ryunosuke and Yamazaki T____T I wish there were more merchandise of Yamazaki!!!

XD well, its really my boyfriend picking on me that says he's creepy. Sanan's really just cryptic and Chizuru can never figure out what he's thinking. Yeah he's a bit different than his historical counterpart (I think even more so than other characters) which I think is why they never call him Yamanami (er, atleast its never romanized that way? I know Sanan is supposed to be a different reading of the kanji but I've honestly never looked at it in Japanese.)

Anyways Sanan's character is really deep and I think he's so cool. And his voice and speech patterns are to die for <3. Too bad him and Yamazaki only have some events but not a real path.
Ever since playing his event this past month I've been thinking I need to finish the Sanan doll I was working on. XD

Hehehe yeah, his character is a bit different. Yamanami is the Kun reading, the Japanese pronunciation of the Kanji. Sannan is the On reading, the Chinese pronunciation of the Kanji. Sometimes I like the On-yomi of words, but I like the sound of Yamanami better in this case =)

Sounds interesting with the games and the paths!!! I can't imagine playing it though... I don't want to start an addiction now that I'm going back to school LOL

You made a Sannan-san doll?! NICE! Have fun finishing it =)

Ohhhh! Thank you for explaining that to me, anytime different readings are mentioned they just gloss over the issue lol.

Yeah I like the games, but its almost just additional fluff when compared to this artwork. The CGs are so good that its like the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. X3 or maybe a million.

Haha yes... the cat is out of the bag. I was working on a cosplay outfit for my bjd but havent finished... and oddly enough I bought him a white lab coat so now I want to do Sanan SSL (and creepy doctor from Hatoful Boyfriend LOL). Hmm... maybe it'll be done next year? Lol

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