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Kill me, just kill me now... I'm going to be $46,700 more in debt starting August and they're trying to kill me with these super cute figures T____________T  Good thing the Free! Karakore Sailor Suits are limited and sold only at Animate in Shibuya... and the Tenipuri Anikuji is probably impossible again this year with all those people staking out for the figures, just like last year when they had the Free! Anikuji figures.  That probably discourages me from trying LOL... BUUUUUUUUUT  They know I love the trump card suits, so they just had to make Tenipuri trump figures to tease me... T_____________T  Yukimura Hearts, Ryoma Spades, Atobe Clubs, and Shiraishi Diamonds!!!!  Sooooo cute...


Hakuouki ssl karakore

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I just know Atobe is going to be over 9000! (well, at least over $100 like Makoto >_<) On a happier note, I got the Shibuya Karakores and they don't seem to be inflating in price (yet??)

Yeah I'm sure =) Congrats on getting the Shibuya karakores! Which characters were you able to buy? If you got them at the official stores, they wouldn't need to inflate the price~

I got them from the store but on auction sites they're only a little more even after the event which is kind of perplexing to me XD

I see I see, that's neat =) Congrats~

OMG Yukimura is so cute! I wonder if they have Fuji aniki!

I KNOW T______T Nah, they don't have anything with Aniki... They have Ryoma, Atobe, Yukimura, Shiraishi, Niou and Hiyoshi... I don't understand why Hiyoshi... he's not even popular!!! Would've been nice if it was Fuji or Tezuka or Sanada...

Prize A is Ryoma/Atobe jumbo cushion
Prize B-E are the Trump figures
Prize F is a mug cup
Prize G is can badge sets, 3 possible
Prize H is clear file sets, 6 possible
Prize I is keyholder, 6 possible

Basically it'll be very difficult to get all the figures since there are so many possibilities for prizes G-I.

im preparing to save money to snipe all the Ryoma goodies on Yahoo japan >w< at least as long as they look good >-< still waiting for product pictures T_T
But the Ryoma figure is definitive! if i wont get him 2-3 times, depends on his price >w<

Clearfiles are pretty possible as well XD
and the rest.. we will see.... gosh japan hurry up T^T

Hehehe good luck!! I really wanna try but we will have to see how busy I am at the time they open the Anikuji... If I get anything, I'll let you know!!

awww ok <3
how can you even partcipate on that? i want too T^T

Well you have to have a membership/account with Animate. In order to sign up, you need to have a Japanese address. They also ship to that address so make sure it's a friend you can trust to ship you your stuff.

aww sadly my friend will elave japüan end of august T^T mou XDD oh well... XDD
Yahoo japan my best buddie! XD

They always have it opened 10am, so it's 6pm my time and I'm still busy working to compete with the locals...

mm i wonder if my proxy would do this kind of things.. i think i^ll send them a mail and ask about this OWO maybe im lucky and Win Something of Ryoma <3

You could ask them!! It doesn't hurt to try hehehe =) I would really like to, if I'm not busy at that time.

i did and they do it! <3 <3 i can buy tickets and try my luck yay! <3 <3

That's great! Good luck to you =)

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