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UPDATED  08/01/2014

All mangas are official releases and they are domestically produced by VIZ, TOKYOPOP, BROCCOLI BOOKS, etc.  They are BRAND NEW, LIKE NEW, ABSOLUTELY CLEAN and WELL PRESERVED in plastic cases!!!  I store them in better conditions than when I first bought them brand new from the stores!!!  There are NO creases in the binding, NO wrinkles in the pages, and absolutely NO stains!!! I'm a bit of a clean freak, so you can trust that these are like brand new ^___^   Please read the rules, and take a look at the mangas~  Let me know if you're interested!!!  More to come when I have time~~

***Mangas don't originally come with the plastic sleeves.  I bought the sleeves to store them for extra protection!!!***

Title:  Descendants of Darkness                                                         

Author:  Yoko Matsushita
Genre:  Fantasy/Mystery
Volumes:  11, incomplete
Retail:  $9.99 per volume
Synopsis from VIZ Media:  As a Guardian of Death, Asato Tsuzuki has a lot to think about. First of all, there are all those dead people. Someone's got to escort them safely to the afterlife.  Then there's all that bureaucracy. The affairs of death come with a lot of paperwork, budgetary concerns and endless arcana.  Combining supernatural action with heavy dollops of romance, sex and humor, Descendants of Darkness proves one thing: Death is big business...and business is good!

PRICE:  $75 for the set of 11 volumes
Yami no Matsuei_01
Yami no Matsuei_02

Title:  Fairy Cube                                                                       

Author:  Kaori Yuki
Genre:  Romance
Volumes:  3, complete
Retail:  $8.99 volumes 1-3
Synopsis from VIZ Media:  Ian used to just see dead people. Now he is one. Trapped inside his own body by the Fairy Cube, Ian must now figure out how to stop the devious spirit Tokage from taking over his life, stealing his girl, and ruining any chance he ever had of resurrection.

PRICE:  $21 for the set of 3 volumes
***BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN READ since 2008*** (I read online and bought these for my collection)

Fairy Cube

Title:  Mixed Vegetables
Author:  Ayumi Komura
Genre:  Comedy, Romance
Volumes:  8, complete
Retail:  $8.99 volumes 1-5, $9.99 volume 6-8
Synopsis from VIZ Media:  Hanayu Ashitaba is the daughter of the celebrated Patisserie Ashitaba, but all she wants to do is be a sushi chef. Hayato Hyuga is the son of the prestigious Sushi Hyuga, and all he want to do is be a pastry chef! It's love and leftovers in the Oikawa High School Cooking Department as these star-crossed gourmands do their best to reach their cuisine dreams!

PRICE:  $55 for the set of 8 volumes
**volume 6 has a cut on the bind accidentally cut when opening the box, otherwise LIKE NEW!!
Mixed Vegetables - 01Mixed Vegetables - 02

Mixed Vegetables - 03Mixed Vegetables - 04

Title:  Phantom Dream                                                               
Author:  Natsuki Takuya
Genre:  Fantasy/Supernatural
Volumes:  5, complete
Retail:  $9.99 volume, $10.99 volumes 2-5
Synopsis from TOKYOPOP:  Tamaki Otoya is the last in a line of ancient summoners tasked to battle evil forces that threaten mankind. Burdened by his duty as a summoner, Tamaki has always found strength from his childhood friend Asahi, with whom he has a deep, emotional bond. So when Asahi's friend is found out to be possessed by a demon, he awakens - as the one destined to exorcise demons out of tortured human souls.

PRICE:  $45 for the set of 5 volumes
***BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN READ since 2008*** (I read online and bought these for my collection)

Phantom Dream

1.  I sell these manga titles as a SET only, unless they are one-shots, so please don't ask me to sell individual volumes.
2.  For domestic buyers, I will use Media Mail so that you will receive the cheapest shipping rate possible.
3.  If you are an international buyer, since Media Mail is not available for international shipping, please understand that shipping will be expensive because these books are heavy.  The most I can fit into one Flat Rate Priority International envelope ($23.95) is FOUR manga volumes.
4.  Please make sure you agree with the shipping rates before asking me to hold them for you =)
5.  Happy browsing!

Thanks for looking!!!