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FUDGE!!!! How can they be SO FREAKEN CUTE!!!!! Everybody is going to jump at it, I'm not gonna have a chance...


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I already prepare my wallet somehow X-x
I want everything of Ryoma from it.. and the figure 3x X-x

Hehehe good luck! If I hit anything with Ryoma, or anything at all for that matter, I'll let you know!!

Awww ty >o<
is there anything you specialy look for? maybe i am lucky and can get something for you >-

Hehehe I want the mug, all of the figures and the clear files!!! Most likely that won't happen LOL

Edited at 2014-09-09 04:45 am (UTC)

I'll buy Niou if you're going to get them! *^* Please reserve it to me if possible XD

I'll let you know if I get many hands on them!!!

duckieeeee !! it's been a whileeee!! i just recently saw the figures on twitter and OMG T-TT i hope you get your hands on some of these..;;; you know who'd I reserve haha XD

Ohisashiburi!!! Yeah I know T_____T they are so so cute!!! I'll try, I really will, but I have work until 7pm, which means I won't get home until 8pm... The sales open at 7pm my time (morning in Japan), people are going to jump on it right away. If it's anything like some of the other Anikuji with figurines, they sell out within minutes T______T I hope I won't be too late for them... Will definitely let you know if I land something good!!

Hi! Please reserve the Atobe and Shiraishi for me. Thanks

I don't know if I can even get my hands on them yet because they are super hot!!! I'll let you know if I do get something, but usually I post these as first come first served, so I don't reserve the Anikuji for anybody =)

Please let me know immediately once you have these items. I'll buy them immediately. Hehe =)

Hehe okay, I'll try my best to buy, but I'm not guaranteeing that I can even get anything.

Hello there! I have posted the Anikuji items I got, here's the link, make a comment if you want something!


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