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There are some items for AMNESIA that will be releasing in November, and Shinpuri items in October, so I'm going to post up a preorder.  At the time I order, whatever is available, I will order.  First come first served.  I cannot cancel once I make the order, so please be serious when you preorder.  I will let you know once the order is successfully put in.

The preorders for these are currently closed, however, they aren't released until the end of September, so they might open back up/come back in stock after they are released.  If you interested, make a comment and I will stake them out for you.
Amnesia Fasteners - Shin  :  $15
Amnesia Fasteners - Ikki  :  $15
Amnesia Fasteners - Kent  :  $15
Amnesia Fasteners - Toma  :  $15
Amnesia Fasteners - Ukyo  :  $15
Amnesia 001Amnesia 002Amnesia 003

Amnesia 004Amnesia 005

Amnesia Necklaces - Heart  :  $27
Amnesia Necklaces - Spade  :  $27
Amnesia Necklaces - Clover  :  $27
Amnesia Necklaces - Diamond  :  $27
Amnesia Necklaces - Joker  :  $27
Amnesia 019Amnesia 020Amnesia 021Amnesia 022Amnesia 023

Shinpuri Bracelets - Seigaku  :  $14                         angelmcv, sagara_megumi
Shinpuri Bracelets - Hyotei  :  $14                            absolutehymn
Shinpuri Bracelets - Rikkaidai  :  $14                       absolutehymn, sagara_megumi
Shinpuri Bracelets - Shitenhoji  :  $14                       angelmcv
tenipuri 001tenipuri 002
tenipuri 003tenipuri 004

Shinpuri Clear File - Group White  :  $17                bakemono
Shinpuri Clear File - Group Red  :  $17                   bakemono
Shinpuri Clear File - Ryoma  :  $17                         bakemono
Shinpuri Clear File - Atobe  :  $17                           bakemono
Shinpuri Clear File - Yukimura  :  $17
Shinpuri Clear File - Shiraishi  :  $17                           angelmcv
tenipuri 005tenipuri 006
tenipuri 007tenipuri 008
tenipuri 009tenipuri 010

Binary Start CF  :  $17
Hakuouki CF  :  $17
Hi no Matoi CF  :  $17
Inu x Boku SS CF  :  $17                            anjichan
Kami no Asobi CF  :  $15
Love Stage CF  :  $17                                bakemono, anjichan
RE: Vice [D] CF  :  $15
Wild Adapter CF  :  $15
clear file - binary starclear file - hakuouki
clear file - hi no matoiclear file - inuxbokuss
clear file - kami no asobiclear file - love stage
clear file - RE vice Dclear file - wild adapter

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So glad I check your journal all the time.

Shinpuri Clear File - Group White : $17
Shinpuri Clear File - Group Red : $17
Shinpuri Clear File - Ryoma : $17 (Yes I know it's sold out, but if it somehow becomes available, please order one)
Shinpuri Clear File - Atobe : $17
Love Stage CF : $17

LOL, I'm glad you check my journal all the time!!! I've been a little slow with posting cuz school is super busy, but I try whenever I can ^___^

Alrighty, will put you down for these!

Hey there, I have been able to buy all of the clear files, INCLUDING Ryoma =) will let you know when they come!!

LOL I was literally checking your journal and saw the entry before I saw the message. Talk about good timing!

LOL, you're quick!! Okie dokie, I'll put you down for these, and will let you know when I've successfully ordered them~

Thanks for letting me know about the CF's! I am definitely interested in:

Inu x Boku SS CF : $17
Love Stage CF : $17

Okie dokie, will put you down for them!!

Hi anjichan, I have been able to order the two items you requested, will let you know when they come!!

Hi! ^^

Is it still possible to pre-order some Shinpuri bracelets? It's time for me to start thinking of Christmas presents for my friends (and for myself XD) ^^ And these would be great.

Hi megumi-chan, yes I have not yet put in the order so let me know soon which bracelet you want and I will order all together =)

Great! :) I'd like to order one of Seigaku and one of Rikkai. Thanks!

Sure! I will put you down for them =)

Hey there, I apologize, I was waiting for someone to get back to me on the bracelet and I missed the deadline for preorders. Not to worry!! They will be released in mid-October. If they are still available for ordering then, I will jump on it right away and get you your two bracelets!!

That's fine, don't worry! ^^ I'll be waiting for your news in October, then.

Heyhey, they came back!!! LOL, maybe many people complained, or they were too hot so Animate put up the preorders again. I ordered them for you, Seigaku and Rikkai~ Will let you know when they come in!

Fantastic! ^^ Thank you very much!

Megumi-chan!!! The Rikkai and Seigaku bracelets are in!!! These are the items you asked me to hold, they are ready for shipment. Are you interested in anything else to be shipped together with them for combined shipping? Let me know!!

Tenipuri Movie Decals, 0911G : $10
Utapuri Maji Love 2000% Seal Mouse Pads - Masato : $10
Shinpuri Bracelets - Seigaku  :  $14
Shinpuri Bracelets - Rikkaidai  :  $14  

Thank you, lovely! ^^

Umm, I'd like to take a look before you ship them, to see if I can grab one or two more presents. Also, if you don't mind holding them a bit more, please... It's embarrasing to say, but November is tax-paying month here in Spain, and I still have a couple of them to pay before being allowed to breathe, economically speaking.

Hi Megumi-chan, sure no problem. I don't like tax time either hehehe =P I can ship them for you in December~

No problem, just keep me updated =)

Hi megumi-chan, just wanna follow-up with you and see if you wanna add anything else during the 20% discount promotion~ And let me know when you're ready for me to send you stuff!!

Oh, thank you! ^^ I've been really busy with the end of the term these past weeks and I didn't have time to take a look. But finally, I'm on holiday! Also, I had to tell you about the shipping (gosh, work makes me a one-way thinking, brainwashed woman...). Everything went well in the end ^^ I'll look today and I'll tell you.

Alrighty no problem, you worked hard! Hope you're having a nice break so far =)

Hi I know this is super late but I just stumbled into your journal. Do you still have the tenipuri bracelet? thanks!

Hello there, thank you for your message. I will be home tomorrow and I can check to make sure. I will let you know as soon as I can. In the mean time, please check out my other items, I have tons to sell =)

Hello again, thank you for your patience. Unfortunately, I do not have any extra bracelets to sell. I do have tons of other items so please take a look and let me know if anything else interests you.

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