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There are some Shinpuri plates/trays on preorder for late December, I'm thinking I will buy given enough people want them. They are made of melamine, 8x8x1.5cm in size. EXCELLENT for little snacks or display or little trinkets. I would receive around mid-end of January given the holidays. I won't ask for money in advanced but if you want to preorder, please make sure you're serious about buying because I can't cancel once I make the order. Each plate will be $14. Reserve as many as you want, if I receive at least 5 for each set, I will order the set. First come first served.


Reservation List:

Shinpuri Plates Set A - 1 : Ryoma .......... godchildmomoko
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 2 : Tezuka ......... babysyusuke, angelmcv
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 3 : Atobe............ angelmcv
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 4 : Oshitari ....... 14_2yumi
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 5 : Yukimura ...... angelmcv
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 6 : Kai
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 7 : Hirakoba
Shinpuri Plates Set A - 8 : Zaizen .......... angelmcv
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 1 : Fuji ............. 14_2yumi, babysyusuke, angelmcv
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 2 : Mukahi
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 3 : Marui........... pupina friend
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 4 : Niou ............ pupina_chan
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 5 : Kite
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 6 : Shiraishi ...... pupina_chan
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 7 : Kenya........... pupina friend
Shinpuri Plates Set B - 8 : Ryoga
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 1 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 2 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 3 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 4 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 5 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 6 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 7 :
Shinpuri Plates Set Atobe Kingdom - 8 :

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Okay =) I'll let you know if enough people asks to warrant a box.

i hope many will order this *^*

RYOMA!!! CLAIMED! I love you for ordering them!!!! I want Ryoma please please >-

Edited at 2014-09-16 04:35 pm (UTC)

Hehehe okay, I'll put you down for Ryoma~

Oh my God here they r! Oshitari n Fuji please.. Thanks! :D

Hello there, sure, I will put you down for Fuji and Oshitari =) May I ask if you're domestic (US) or international?

Thanks! :D
I'm from the Philippines so yes, international. :)

Okay great =) Please read this page to know the shipping rates and methods.

I accept PayPal for international buyers, it's the easiest method of payment.

Thanks for the info! :D
pupina_chan and I are both from the Philippines, so I was just wondering if it's possible to combine the shipping for both our purchases in case this goes through. Only if it's possible, that is. :)

Oh great!!! Yes, that is perfectly fine, I am glad that you two can combine the order to save on shipping =) Let me know which address is the best to send to.

Yeeeeey! Thank you! pupina_chan's address would be good. (o^^o)
Now all that's left is to have people request for Set A characters so that I can have Oshitari. Lol.

Edited at 2014-09-21 12:21 pm (UTC)

LOL, I'm trying to find people to reserve some characters in set A as well!!

Id like to be second in line for the ryoma plate~
Also i was wondering why the hoodie clear files are so much more expensive than the other ones? >< (interested in getting ryoma but... )

I've already purchased one set A and now they are sold out for preorders so not sure if I'll be able to get any more.

The hoodie clear files have 2, not just one, it's a set. So for Ryoma there's and Ryoma hoodie and a dark blue school emblem clear file. That price is for two clear files in one package, which is much cheaper than buying two separate ones =)

Ohnoo ;A; if you ever buy it again then id like ryoma ><
I seeee, i'll consider it again if the plates ever come out ← prefers buying couple things at once

Okay, I'll let you know if they come out again. Although, even if you buy them at once, can't really ship the clear files with the plates because of the bulkiest of the plate will put a crease in the clear file. Unless I put them in a ridiculously big box to fit both, which makes absolutely no sense. They need to be shipped separately anyways regardless. Just letting you know =) If any other sellers say they can ship a clear file and a plate together, they will either bend your file to fit in a small box with the plate or they put both in a big box and you'll have to pay a high price for an unnecessary box.

Hello there, the plates are once again available to buy. Are you still interested in Ryoma?

Thank you for asking!! But I've already ordered one off Rakuten so I'm passing on it, thanks and sorry ^^;

Okay no problem, have a great day!

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